Steve Park portrays Oren Watson on Elementary.

Life and career

Steve Park is a Korean American actor. Originally a stand-up comedian, his best known work includes being a cast member of In Living Color during the 1991–1992 season and the roles of Mike Yanagita in Fargo, Sonny in Do the Right Thing and Detective Brian in Falling Down. During his run on In Living Color, he often portrayed East Asian characters, or spoofed celebrities such as Yoko Ono and Connie Chung. He is married to another former cast member of In Living Color, Kelly Coffield.

After witnessing a racist incident while doing a guest role on the show Friends, he wrote a mission statement requesting that mainstream media portray East Asian people in a more positive light rather than encourage hate towards them.

He played a secondary character, Mike Sorayama, in the Cartoon Network Adult Swim cartoon The Venture Bros. He is now seen in advertising, most recently as a laboratory technician in a Schick Quattro Titanium Razor advertisement.

Park also had minor roles in critically acclaimed independent films, such as Rocket Science (2007) and two Coen Brothers movies, Fargo (1996) and A Serious Man (2009).

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