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This squad is the finest group of men and women I've ever had the honor to serve with.

The 11th Precinct is a police headquarters in New York City. It is home to the Major Cases Unit and appears in nearly every episode. Its structure was created in 1907.[1] It first appears in the first season episode "Pilot."


The major areas in the precinct building are comprised of the "bullpen" where the detectives' desks are located, including Detective Bell's, Captain Gregson's office, meeting rooms and an interrogation room (also known as "the box").

Multiple holding cells are also located in the building as is a storage area that is sometimes used by Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson as a temporary office while they work on cases. There are many other rooms which includes evidence lockers. The building contains the offices of other divisions such as Property Crimes headed by Detective Mason.[1] A garage for repair of radio cars and examination of vehicles is attached to the precinct building.[2][3]



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