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That's funny, because I feel like we're exactly where we're supposed to be.

221B Baker Street is located in London, England and along with 221A, is the residence of Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson beginning in 2018. Its first appearance is in the second season episode "Step Nine."


Prior to taking up residence in New York City, Holmes lived at 221B Baker Street. Visiting London in 2013, Sherlock and Watson find that Mycroft is living at 221B.[1] To entice Sherlock to move back to London, Mycroft tries to give him the keys to 221B, but Sherlock refuses them.[2] In 2018, Holmes moves back into 221B, with Watson taking up residence at 221A. Holmes listens to the case of Lord St. Simon and his missing bride, Hatty Doran, before leaving with Watson to see to a case at Scotland Yard.[3]

In May 2019, Clyde is seen living in 221B in Holmes' kitchen. Kitty and Archie visit Watson in 221A in her office.[4]


  • When Holmes and Watson visit London in 2013 to find Gareth Lestrade, 221B Baker Street appears much different than it does in 2018.[1]
  • Holmes mentions that the residents of 221A didn't like him as a neighbor so he bought their unit.[5]



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