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"Marcus was here, I took a shower, so obviously, we are secret lovers."
— Watson to Holmes
Returning to the Brownstone, Holmes finds the inner door to the entrance way locked and while trying to open it, Detective Bell comes down the stairs. Saying he returned a book to Watson, Bell leaves and a suspicious Holmes confronts Watson as she's leaving the bathroom. Accusing her of sleeping with Bell, Watson denies it but unable to discover the reason for Bell's visit, Holmes informs her they've been called to a murder scene. At the scene, Captain Gregson shows them the body of Ellen Jacobs. Attacked from behind in her car, the killer suffocated her with a plastic bag. Retrieving Ellen's phone, Holmes is able to deduce her password, calls her home phone and using the same password, listens to a voice mail Ellen left. In it, Ellen is heard screaming "no" several times at her attacker. The next morning at the Brownstone, Watson finds Holmes has stayed up all night listening to Ellen's message.

S04E08-Holmes Ellen victim
He lay in wait behind her.
He points out that Ellen didn't sound frightened when saying the first "no" but did in subsequent ones. Watson speculates that she might have known her killer. Proceeding to the Morgue, Dr. Hawes reports that Ellen had traces of sodium thiosulfate in her lungs and, she was pregnant despite having tubal ligation. Hawes found evidence she was planning to keep the baby, as she was taking prenatal vitamins. At the Jacob's home, which is for sale and under renovation, they question Ellen's husband Ernie who claims to have been driving to a salvage store when Ellen was killed. Holmes deduces that Ernie has a condition which prevented him from impregnating Ellen and asks for the name of the man Ellen was having an affair with. Angered, Ernie doesn't believe Ellen was pregnant and thinks they are trying to trick him into confessing to murdering Ellen.

S04E08-Questioning Jacobs
You want me to say something stupid.
Watson visits Ellen's doctor who refuses to say who the father is. The doctor leaves her office and Watson looks at Ellen's file on her computer. At the precinct, Holmes tells Bell that he knows that Watson is helping him study for the sergeant's exam. Over Bell's objections, Holmes insists on taking over his tutelage until Watson calls and Holmes says he knows she's been helping Bell. Watson indicates that the doctor's file didn't reveal the father but from an email address Ellen left, and using her password, Watson saw emails that Ernie didn't know about the pregnancy. Who she exchanged emails with isn't apparent but, she'd arranged to meet the person at Sing Sing prison. At Sing Sing, Holmes and Watson find that Ellen had visited Harris Greer, aka "The Triborough Killer", who strangled 16 women between 1986 and 1992 and, that Ellen was his daughter.

S04E08-Watson hacks files
Ellen's files were a bust.
Greer is saddened to hear of Ellen's murder and tells them that her birth name was Megan. Holmes believes that a relative of one of Greer's victims took revenge by killing Ellen. Greer tells them that he also had a son, Nolan, who changed his name to Craig Crismond. He asks them to find Craig and tell him that he's sorry. Visiting Craig and his wife Jennifer in the backyard of their home, they say they learned of Ellen's murder from Ernie. With their two children playing, Craig tells Holmes and Watson that Ernie didn't know that he and Ellen are Greer's children. Told the details of Ellen's murder and that there may be a threat to him, Craig and Jennifer haven't noticed any suspicious behaviour towards their family. Craig also says that Ernie told them of Ellen's pregnancy once he learned of it from Holmes and Watson. They give details of a man they saw at a restaurant with Ellen and speculate he might be the father of her baby.

S04E08-With Crissonds
It's a secret we both got good at keeping.
At the Brownstone, while Holmes uses a dummy to test Bell's pat-down knowledge, he learns Bell is taking the sergeant's exam for the pay raise as his mother is in financial difficulty. Holmes offers a loan but Bell won't accept it. Later while watching surveillance video of the restaurant Ellen was at, Holmes tell Watson that he doesn't think Bell is really interested in becoming a sergeant. Watson deduces from the video that the man with Ellen is their realtor, Warren Clift. At Clift's office, he indicates he has many lunches with clients in order to convince them to sell their homes. He initiated the sale with the Jacobs and denies an affair with Ellen. Holmes notices a framed picture on his desk which Clift says is his mother. When told of Ellen's pregnancy and Ernie's sterility, Clift is surprised, confesses to an affair, but not to killing Ellen.

S04E08-Holmes points w dummy
Dummy groping isn't on the test.
While building an evidence wall at the Brownstone, Holmes puts Clift's picture at the center, which sparks a connection. Prompted by Watson that they should be looking at families of Greer's victims, Holmes looks on-line and sees that Clift's mother was Greer's third victim. Bell and Gregson arrive at Clift's office to find that he was attacked and is in hospital. Gregson visits the hospital with Holmes and Watson where Clift has received a skull fracture which he says was from a bat. He admits that he knew Ellen was Greer's daughter but, got to know her only so he could visit Greer in prison and tell him the grief he'd caused his family. He'd tried to visit Greer on his own but was denied. He claims Ellen was helping him with the visit and the affair wasn't planned. Clift believes that Ernie killed Ellen and attacked him but he didn't see the attacker's face.

S04E08-Clift in hospital
Who else could it be?
Outside Clift's room, Holmes shows Gregson and Watson a picture of one of Clift's wounds which he says was made from a scaffolding pipe, like those outside the Jacob's home. Bell arrests Ernie after finding a pipe with Clift's blood on it at his home. Ernie insists he didn't kill Ellen and figured out who Ellen was having an affair with after being told of her pregnancy. At the 11th Precinct, Watson tells Bell that Holmes is examining the Jacob's house and, gives him an assignment to prepare for his test. Bell has little time to spare so Watson has to convince him to do it. At the Brownstone, Holmes wakes Watson by loudly playing the recording of Ellen's attack and she notices that he's brought Ellen's photo albums. Saying he knows who killed Ellen, he shows her a childhood photo of Ellen and Craig. On the back, Ellen's written "Me and No, Christmas 1991." Craig's birth name was Nolan, "No" for short, and that the first "No" in her recording was one of recognition.

S04E08-Watson w photo
She saw him in the backseat. She was saying his name.
At the precinct, Craig is shown a bag with a goldfish in it, bought from the same store that he buys goldfish for the pond in his backyard. The store uses sodium thiosulfate in the water, the same chemical found in Ellen's lungs, and Craig is accused of using such a bag to suffocate her. Denying it, the recording of Ellen is played on a loop while he's told that he had a key to her car, explaining why no forced entry was found. Holmes warns Craig he'll hear the recording of Ellen begging for her life many times during the court proceedings and that he's just like Greer. Craig finally says Ellen broke a pact they'd made that neither of them would ever have children. His children are adopted and he admits to killing Ellen after she told him of her pregnancy and intention to keep the child. Holmes meets Bell outside the precinct where a man is being taken into custody. (♫ Alabama Shakes - Sound & Color ♫) Holmes explains the man is a fugitive who was captured because of the completed assignment Watson gave Bell. Handing him a bounty check made out to his mother, Holmes leaves it up to Bell if he still wants to take the sergeant's test.

S04E08-Bell w cheque
Check for 36 grand?



  • Bell refers to the time Holmes gave him a lecture for transferring to the Demographics Unit.[1]


I was mistaken. You don't know what my partner looks like naked.

— Holmes to Bell

In my experience, a grown man who keeps a photograph of his mother on his desk at work is capable of anything.

— Holmes



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