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"The whole point of this is that you remember. How you got here, who brought you."
— Oscar to Holmes
On the rooftop of the Brownstone, Holmes and Alfredo watch a movie, but Alfredo is distracted and down since his girlfriend moved away. Entering the kitchen, Holmes tells Watson that Alfredo's left but they'll be attending a meeting the next day to search for a new sobriety sponsor for Holmes. The next morning, Holmes finds the door to Alfredo's garage open and a man complaining that Alfredo stole his '73 Dodge Charger that he was replacing the transmission on. Holmes finds Alfredo's phone smashed on the floor with boot prints on it. Joined by Watson, she posits that Alfredo caught a thief trying to take the car and was taken away in the car's trunk. Holmes wonders if he relapsed, due the breakup with his girlfriend, and then took the car. Alternately, he wonders if Castle, a car security system company that Alfredo used to work for and embarrassed, took revenge on him.

S03E24-Sherlock Alfredo on roof
You're not laughing.
In order to check Alfredo's mood, Holmes visits his mother, Estella. She believes Alfredo was doing fine but knows that his past can re-surface anytime and is concerned that it not impact Holmes. At the 11th Precinct, Detective Bell, Captain Gregson and Watson question Neil Kopecky. Fired from Castle due to conflicts with Alfredo, Kopecky is defiant and uncooperative and won't speak without his attorney present. At the Brownstone, Watson tells Holmes that after Kopecky's lawyer arrived, he was found to have a solid alibi. Holmes is reviewing Alfredo's past, which includes his days as a mugger, in hopes of finding a suspect. Watson expresses concern with how the situation is affecting Holmes when he receives a phone call from Oscar Rankin. Oscar says that he kidnapped Alfredo and will release him in exchange for Holmes helping find his sister Olivia.

S03E24-Estella and Sherlock
You need to be ready for anything.
At the precinct, Watson explains the situation to Bell and Gregson who are incredulous that Holmes is meeting with Oscar instead of turning him in. Armed when he kidnapped Alfredo, Oscar left a picture of Alfredo as proof that he's alive and, said he'd trade the gun for Holmes' phone when they met. Watson asks that they help her find Alfredo while Holmes deals with Oscar. At a diner, Oscar tells Holmes that Olivia is also a junkie who left rehab over his objections. (♫ Woods - Leaves Like Glass ♫) Knowing how little Holmes thinks of him, he believed kidnapping Alfredo was the only way to solicit his help. Seeing Holmes wants to torture him into revealing Alfredo's location, Oscar warns Holmes of his fragile health. He agrees that their search should begin at her rehab facility which Holmes also attended, Hemdale.

S03E24-Oscar head shot
I didn't do this so you could lie to me.
Breaking into Olivia's room at Hemdale, Oscar taunts Holmes with memories of his time there. Olivia's roommate, Kamala Kruger, arrives and recognizing Oscar, takes them outside and says that Olivia left with someone called "Beta Ray." Holmes proposes breaking Oscar's rule against using a phone in order to have the NYPD trace Beta Ray, but Oscar says he knows where to find him. Bell and Watson examine Oscar's apartment but find little until Watson looks outside and sees the '73 Charger under a tarp. Inside the car, she finds a hamburger wrapper from Dilby's, which she tells Bell is only on Long Island. Oscar brings Holmes to a heroin den and after asking around, tells Holmes that Olivia and Beta Ray were there the night before. Beta Ray will be returning that evening so he tells Holmes they'll have to wait.

S03E24-Bell Watson burger wrapper
Look, the grease is still fresh.
While Holmes notices many IDs hanging from the ceiling, Oscar reminisces about when he and Holmes did drugs together and how he helped him deal with Irene's death. Oscar shoots up and before going to sleep, tells Holmes to stay and wait for Beta Ray. Discovering that Oscar has a uncle who lives on Long Island, police search his house but Alfredo isn't there. Pictures of the rooms in the house are sent to Bell and Watson at the precinct where they report to Gregson that teams are collecting surveillance videos from all Dilby's. Having taken a phone from an unconscious addict, Holmes calls Watson. While assuring her that he isn't tempted to use, he says that there is dust on Oscar's coat from marble or granite cutting. Since the dust is on top of transmission fluid stains on his coat, Holmes is sure that Oscar took Alfredo somewhere where the dust was made.

S03E24-Holmes at den
Could be a construction site or a quarry or a tile warehouse.
Holmes wakes Oscar and showing him an ID of Jonathan Bloom that was hanging from the ceiling, tells him that Bloom was there two days before when Olivia was. A rich man who is notorious for "partying" with women addicts who he supplies with drugs and then beats, Holmes and Oscar arrive at Bloom's penthouse. After Holmes returns Bloom's ID, whose arm is in a sling, he tells him the rumors of women that have disappeared after their encounters with him. He asks Bloom if he was with Olivia and denying seeing her, Holmes twists Bloom's slinged arm and smashes his face into a table. In agony, Bloom confesses to bringing Olivia back to his penthouse. She fought back against his advances, hurt his arm and taking some drug and money, she fled. Bloom provides Holmes with the car service that the building doorman saw her use to escape.

S03E24-Holmes attacked Bloom
Olivia Rankin. Tell us everything.
While visiting a construction site, Watson starts to lose hope that Alfredo will be found. As she stares at a coffin sized hole in the ground with Bell, she realizes that there are many cemeteries on Long Island. Several businesses that make headstones are also on the island that cut marble and granite. Looking at the photos on her phone of Oscar's uncle's house that police sent earlier, Watson notices a jacket with a patch "South Shore Memorials." The car service driver takes Holmes and Oscar to an abandoned railway tunnel and Oscar is oddly apprehensive about Holmes venturing into the tunnel. Holmes enters and finds Olivia dead with a needle in her arm. Exiting the tunnel, Holmes tells Oscar that he found his boot prints by Olivia's body and that she's been dead for two days. Oscar knew Olivia was dead and Holmes wants to know what the point of the charade was.

S03E24-Bell Watson phone
Headstone engravers.
Oscar says that he was responsible for Olivia becoming an addict and after he found her dead, all he could think about was the scathing description Holmes had said about him. Admitting he is terrible, he led Holmes through all the places Olivia had been to make him realize that Holmes is just as bad as he is and, that it's inevitable that he'll use again. Oscar tosses a metal box with heroin at him and says he just needs one more push. At South Shore Memorial, Bell, Watson and police find Alfredo tied up and barely alive. Receiving a text from Watson that they've found Alfredo, Holmes savagely beats Oscar, picks up the box with heroin and enters the tunnel. Three days later on the roof of the Brownstone, Holmes stares blankly at the city. (♫ Keaton Hensen - Beekeeper ♫) Watson arrives and unable to get Holmes to talk about his relapse, she says that his father is arriving the next day.

S03E24-Oscar tempts Holmes
We both know it's just a matter of time.

S03E24-Holmes beats Oscar
Holmes beats Oscar.



  • Holmes and Alfredo watch Abbott and Costello's movie The Naughty Nineties on the Brownstone's roof.
  • Alfredo and Holmes both embarrassed Castle Automotive by stealing and moving cars with their security systems.[1]
  • Oscar uses the reservation at Hemdale that Holmes gave to him for his sister Olivia.[2]
  • As Holmes attacks Jonathan Bloom, a bottle of "Strawdog" wine can be seen on the table beside Bloom's head. This brand of wine is a key clue in finding evidence to arrest the assassin "El Mechanico."[3]


There are methods of torture that even your pathetic frame could endure.

— Holmes to Oscar



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