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"Being loved by you is a dangerous thing, Sherlock. Probably why I'm still alive. Men like us we're not meant to make such connections."
Morland to Sherlock
At the Brownstone, Watson hangs back while Sherlock moves close to a planted bomb. Indicating the bomb has a remote detonator and they are safe as no one saw them enter, he rips the detonator off and disarms it. Knowing that Moriarty has a rule that he and Watson aren't to be harmed, he suspects that Joshua Vikner isn't behind the bomb. Having seen a light on in a unit across the street which he knows is unoccupied, he and Watson head there. Discovering the unit empty but that there are signs someone had recently been there, Sherlock deduces that someone within Moriarty's organization planted the bomb in the Brownstone to frame Vikner and bring about his demise. Sherlock proposes finding who is behind the framing and allying with them against Vikner. Detective Bell calls that the head of Morland's security team, Christopher Gray was found beaten up and unconscious near the Brownstone and is in hospital.

S04E24-Sherlock bomb
You and I are untouchable.
At the hospital, Gray won't answer Sherlock and Watson's questions but Sherlock deduces that he was in the unit across from the Brownstone. After seeing a man break in and plant the bomb, Gray chased and fought him. Thanking him for saving their lives, Gray still won't cooperate and has a nurse make them leave his room. Telling Watson to remain at the hospital, Sherlock heads to a church undergoing renovations, having seen plaster dust on Gray's coat. At the church, Sherlock finds Morland and his men standing over the body of the bomb planter. Indicating he doesn't know the man's identity, Morland says he's done pursuing vengeance and will follow Sherlock's plan to bring down the head of Moriarty's organization. At the Brownstone, Sherlock shows Watson that the bomb planter, Nasim Behzadi, was the driver of the deputy head of Iran's U.N. mission, Zoya Hashemi. Deciding to accept Morland's help, he proposes they meet her.

S04E24-Morland Behzadi body
I didn't do it.
Arriving at Zoya's heavily guarded country mansion, she drops all pretences and admits to planting the bomb in order to frame Vikner. Desiring a change in leadership, she knows that an attempt on Sherlock or Watson's life would result in Moriarty eliminating Vikner. Sherlock says they want to bring down the entire organization which Zoya responds to derisively and takes them to a room with a large monitoring board. The board shows agents or organizations in over half the countries of the world serving Moriarty, much too large to destroy. She indicates that when Moriarty was imprisoned, she and others proposed an alternative to Vikner to replace her. Sherlock deduces Zoya wanted Morland to take leadership and this resulted in Vikner arranging the attempt on Morland's life which killed his lover, Sabine. She declines forming an alliance with them, knowing Vikner will attack her if he perceives a threat to his power.

S04E24-Watson Morland Hashemi Sherlock
Framing the professor with your deaths was my only chance.
Leaving Zoya's mansion, Sherlock is invigorated to have learned so much and tells Watson he plans to frame Vikner for murder. At the Brownstone, while delving into the past of those that the DANTE survey identified as psychopaths and were used for murders by Vikner, Watson ponders whether Morland would have accepted the leadership of Moriarty's organization if asked. Believing he wouldn't have, Sherlock finds that a woman, Autumn Dunbar, was killed in 2013 near Arthur Tetch's home and borax was found on her body, which Tetch used in his store. Vikner was in NYC when Dunbar went missing. Sherlock plans to steal a sample of Dunbar's blood and put it and Vikner's prints on a knife to frame him. Watson interrupts Vikner teaching a class with a phone call from Morland. Handing Vikner a phone, Morland accepts Vikner's peace proposal but Vikner won't honor it and says peace is only possible with Morland's death. Threatening Morland's family results in Morland saying he'll think on the offer.

S04E24-Watson and Vikner
I think you want to take this.
Meeting Morland at his condo safe house, Sherlock tells him of the framing plan and that he was able to lift prints off the phone Watson handed Vikner. Planning to tell FBI Agent Burke of the knife, since Dunbar was a US postal worker, making the case of her disappearance federal, Morland thanks him for his efforts. Sherlock pays Morland a compliment of sorts by saying he doesn't believe he'd make a good replacement for Moriarty. Having given Burke the knife, he calls Watson to his office and informs her that Vikner has disappeared and he fears a mole in the FBI tipped him off. Indicating the FBI will continue to pursue Vikner, he warns her to be careful. Sherlock returns to Morland's condo to inform him of Vikner's disappearance. Morland says he'll be gone from NYC in the morning while Sherlock vows to see the matter through. Later, Morland makes a phone call to an unknown person and says he'll accept the offer made to him earlier. (♫ Zoe Keating - Hello Night ♫)

S04E24-Burke head shot
I'm worried there's more to this guy than meets the eye.
In the basement of the Brownstone, as Sherlock examines his files on Vikner to ascertain his location, Watson posits that with Vikner living as a fugitive, it may be enough to cripple Moriarty's organization. Sherlock believes their criminal actions won't end until he's caught. Christopher Gray arrives at the front door with news that Morland ended his entire security team's employment and gave Gray a generous severance. Believing Morland is giving himself up to Vikner, Morland is seen meeting with Vikner in an abandoned power plant where Vikner smugly tells Morland that their business won't take long. Zoya's office won't put Sherlock in contact with her and after Morland's London office says they can't reach him, Burke calls that the FBI has found the location of Vikner's phone. Meeting Burke and an FBI team, who are searching the power plant, Burke receives a message that a body has been found. Proceeding inside, they find Vikner dead.

S04E24-Morland meets Vikner
Thank you for coming, Mr. Holmes.
While viewing Vikner's body, Sherlock receives a text from an unknown sender that says "Rooftop." Heading to the rooftop of the Brownstone, Sherlock finds Morland admiring his bees. Indicating he made a deal with Zoya, who arranged for Vikner's death, he'll be taking leadership of Moriarty's organization. He intends to dismantle it from the inside and this will also remove the threat to Sherlock and Watson. Saying the organization won't have a presence in NYC, he asks Sherlock to consider what will happen to Watson if she continues working with him. The next day, Watson meets Sherlock at Morland's safe house which now belongs to Sherlock. (♫ Lee Dewyze - Again ♫) Offering it to Watson and concerned for her safety, Watson scoffs at his concern and says that he is not his father. Sherlock wonders if Lin will sell the condo so Watson plans a dinner with her to discuss it and intends to invite Detective Bell as well.

S04E24-Morland Sherlock rooftop2
Who do you love more than anyone?


  • Zoe Keating - Hello Night plays as Morland speaks to one of his security men while on the balcony and later as he shaves and accepts an offer on the phone.
  • Lee Dewyze - Again plays at episode end as Sherlock and Watson visit Morland's penthouse, he tells her that he owns it now and thinks she should move in. Watson refuses and understands the danger of working with Sherlock.


  • In an attempt to frame Vikner for murder, Sherlock and Watson delve into the criminal past of Arthur Tetch and mention the DANTE survey.[1]
  • Sherlock mentions Vikner's biological daughter, Kayden Fuller.[2]


We want to defeat Joshua Vikner. A way to do so has just been made quite plain. We're gonna frame him for murder.

— Sherlock

I can call the crazy people whatever I want.

— Watson

I did it for you, Sherlock. You and Joan. It was the only way to guarantee they'd never harm you.

— Morland



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