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"A Difference in Kind"
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Season: Four — Episode: 24
Director: John Polson — Writer: Jason Tracey — Aired: May 8, 2016 — Viewers (millions): 5.46
Summary: Vikner's diabolical maneuvering to secure his position becomes known. Sherlock concocts a plan to unseat him only to unwittingly enable a power struggle, the ends of which he could barely have believed possible.


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Being loved by you is a dangerous thing, Sherlock. Probably why I'm still alive. Men like us we're not meant to make such connections.
Morland to Sherlock
At The Brownstone, Watson hangs back while Sherlock moves close to a planted bomb. Indicating the bomb has a remote detonator and they are safe as no one saw them enter, he rips the detonator off and disarms it. Knowing that Moriarty has a rule that he and Watson aren't to be harmed, he suspects that Joshua Vikner isn't behind the bomb. Having seen a light on in a unit across the street which he knows is unoccupied, he and Watson head there. Discovering the unit empty but signs someone had recently been there, Sherlock deduces that someone within Moriarty's organization planted the bomb in the Brownstone to frame Vikner and bring about his demise. Sherlock proposes finding who is behind the framing and allying with them against Vikner. Detective Bell calls that the head of Morland's security team, Christopher Gray was found beaten up and unconscious near the Brownstone and is in hospital.

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You and I are untouchable.
At the hospital, Gray won't answer Sherlock and Watson's questions but Sherlock deduces that it he was in the unit across from the Brownstone. After seeing a man break in and plant the bomb, Gray fought him. Thanking him for saving their lives, Gray still won't cooperate and has a nurse make them leave his room. Telling Watson to remain at the hospital, Sherlock heads to a church undergoing renovations, having seen plaster dust on Gray's coat.

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I didn't do it.


  • Zoe Keating - Hello Night plays as Morland speaks to one of his security men while on the balcony and later as he shaves and accepts Vikner's offer.
  • Lee Dewyze - Again plays at episode end as Sherlock and Watson visit Morland's penthouse safe house and he tells her that he owns it now and thinks she should move in. Watson refuses and understands the danger of working with Sherlock.


"We want to defeat Joshua Vikner. A way to do so has just been made quite plain. We're gonna frame him for murder."


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