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"You risk your neck to bring down a violent gang, you have my utmost respect. They peddle poison to finance their denim cosplay. They deserve all the ridicule I can muster."
— Holmes to Detective Dunning
At the Brownstone, as Holmes looks at an evidence wall on who is trying to kill his father, Watson says she's leaving to meet Fiona Helbron. Called to the 11th Precinct by Captain Gregson, Holmes meets Captain Will Lombardi, head of the Narcotics Unit. He asks for Holmes' help stealing from a drug-dealing biker gang, "Satan's Brood." Showing Holmes pictures of the gang's bunker, taken by an undercover detective, Ryan Dunning, Lombardi explains that the gang's leader, Nick Farris, has detailed information of the gang's operations stored on a computer in his office. Dunning has never seen the computer's contents and Lombardi is unwilling to raid the bunker because if the computer doesn't contain useful info, a year of undercover operations will be wasted. He asks Holmes to devise a plan for Dunning to break in and copy the computer's files.

S04E12-Gregson Lombardi Holmes
You should have come to see me weeks ago.
Watson meets Fiona at a café where she asks Watson to do a background check on her new boss at Pentillion, Greg Wakino, since her last boss was convicted of murder. (♫ Night Riots - Spiders ♫) At the Brownstone, Holmes creates a diorama of the bunker using a doll playhouse and fills Watson in. Commenting that Dunning has worn a hidden camera during his undercover work, he's arranged to meet with Dunning for additional info. Watson mentions Fiona's request which she says she doesn't need Holmes' help with. Dunning provides Holmes with more photos of the bunker and makes it clear that he disagrees with Lombardi and thinks the bunker should be raided. Watson returns to the Brownstone and finds all the furniture missing. Holmes calls her onto the roof where he's created a replica of the bunker layout to walk through his plan. Gregson calls him that the plan is off as Dunning has been found dead.

S04E12-Dollhouse on floor
Please don't touch anything.
At the precinct, Gregson shows Detective Bell, Holmes and Watson video from Dunning's body cam in which he's shot in Farris' office. Given the ease with which Dunning's body was found, Gregson believes they didn't know he was a cop. Holmes is upset with Dunning's impatience while Gregson indicates that the bunker was raided and all members arrested except for Farris. The members won't say who shot Dunning but rewinding the video, Holmes notices that the shooter has a mole on his right wrist. At the bunker, Bell says that none of the bikers have the mole, leading Watson to believe that Farris shot Dunning. In Farris' office, Watson notices that the rug seen in the video is gone which Bell has police search for. Holmes finds a kick-starter to Farris' antique British motorcycle and speculating that the bike is in a repair shop, Bell arranges for police to monitor the few shops that service rare bikes.

S04E12-Holmes Bell Watson biker HQ
It's almost like deja vu.
Watson meets Fiona and gives her a positive report on Greg Wakino. (♫ Luke Morris - Leave ♫) Fiona asks her to take a poetry book which Watson thinks is a gift. When Fiona explains that Holmes gave it to her and she wants to return it to him, Watson realizes Holmes is interested in her. Having been caught at a bike shop, Farris is brought to "the box" at the precinct, where Bell and Gregson tell him he's facing serious jail time unless he cooperates with them. With the Cyber Crime Squad (CCS) examining his computer, he's angry the raid occurred, wants to find who killed Dunning and shows them that he has no wrist mole. At the Brownstone, Holmes is frustrated, can't understand how Dunning's shooting went unnoticed while the bikers were in the bunker and the rug is still missing. Watson teases him about liking Fiona, which Holmes tries to evade, and she offers to see if Fiona is interested.

S04E12-Watson teases
You like her as in like like.
Receiving an email with Dunning's autopsy report, they head to the Morgue where Holmes shows Watson that Dunning has a mole on his right wrist. Watson is confused how Dunning could have shot himself, which Holmes has an explanation for. Later, they show evidence to Gregson and Lombardi that the video was staged with Dunning playing the shooter and an accomplice wearing the camera. Holmes ascertains that the accomplice is shorter, has a smaller stride than Dunning and favors the left leg. Theorizing that the accomplice double-crossed Dunning and shot him after the video, the accomplice's motive is unclear. Holmes believes the accomplice had a biker ally while Lombardi notes that Dunning was uncover in a Mexican gang that's now taken over the biker's territory. Calling CCS, they meet with Lisa Hagen who confirms Farris' computer had details on the gang's drug operation and, that over $5M was taken out of Farris' accounts after the raid.

S04E12-With Hagan
Someone cleaned them out late yesterday.
Hagen leaves to take a call and Holmes admits to Watson that he likes Fiona. However, he doesn't want to pursue a relationship with her as he believes he would hurt her. Hagen returns and says she has to leave. Watching her walk away, Holmes gets up and lies that Gregson wants to see her. As she walks to Gregson's office, he points out to Watson that Hagen fits the particulars of the video shooter. At the Brownstone, Holmes tells Watson that the reason Dunning kept recommending a raid was that he was in league with Hagen and they wanted Farris' computer. When Lombardi wouldn't approve a raid, they created the video to force it, but Hagen killed Dunning afterwards so she wouldn't have to share the money. However, Watson points out the impossibility of both Dunning and Hagen sneaking into the bunker filled with bikers to make the video. Combined with the bank transfers being untraceable, they have no viable proof.

S04E12-Watching Hagen
We've seen that gait before.
While Watson heads to bed, Holmes answers the door and is surprised to see Fiona. Having brought presents for Watson and tells Holmes she liked talking to him and wants to more. Heading to the roof, Fiona expresses that she's uncertain whether Holmes likes her and she'd like to kiss him. Hesitating, Holmes receives a text message which Fiona tells him to answer as she'd like to stop talking. The next morning, Holmes wakes Watson having seemingly moved her bedroom into the media room. Indicating that the rug was found and was soiled but the one in the video wasn't, he shows Watson that he made her bedroom look like the media room. Watson realizes that the video was shot in a replica of Farris' office and they need to find it.

S04E12-Holmes wakes Watson
Sherlock! What the hell is all this?
Later, Holmes helps Hagen carry a box into Gregson's office and confirms it when she says she heard that Dunning faked his death. Accusing Hagen of the crimes, she's told that they found the remains of the fake office in a warehouse that her family owns. Evidence of Dunning's murder was also found. She's encouraged to provide details as to who thought up the plan and whether she killed Dunning in self-defense. Later, Holmes arrives at Fiona's apartment, asking to continue their conversation. (♫ Heather Maloney - Nightstand Drawer ♫) Indicating she's had other boyfriends who have indicated that dating her requires extra work, Holmes is undeterred and asks to kiss her. Confessing to being afraid, she postpones the kiss and asks him to go for coffee.

S04E12-Fiona Sherlock apartment
You're a remarkable woman.




She broke your heart, I get it, but just because she did, doesn't mean that Fiona will, too.

— Watson to Holmes