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Aaron Colville was guilty. Does that change things? I don't know. I do know that I was standing over a dying patient and I was thinking about justice. A doctor's not supposed to do that.

— Joan Watson remembering Aaron Colville, "The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville"

Aaron Colville is a murdered serial killer under the moniker The Vampire Killer, responsible for the murders and bites of two women, as well as an early patient of Joan Watson she regrets not taking charge of in his resuscitation. Aaron's mother Ruth would disregard the disgrace of Aaron's publicity and continue the murders for her benefit.


Season Two[]

Aaron Colville is a killer of two women, his signature being beating them to death before biting their shoulders. Colville was captured, convicted, and imprisoned accordingly in 2005. When stabbed in prison, Colville was rushed to the hospital to be resuscitated, attended to by Dr. Johnathan Fleming and his medical team, including then subordinate Joan Watson. Colville's last, dazed words were his confession to the murders in Fleming's ear, which led Fleming to fumble in his resuscitation efforts and neglect the proper protocol, making the wrong call over Watson's accurate necessary treatment. Colville's weak procedures led to him dying on the table. When two more killings happened eight years later, Watson realized who Colville was and confronted Fleming. Although he doesn't regret his mistakes, he confirmed to her Colville was guilty. It was revealed Ruth killed the women to cast reasonable doubt on Aaron posthumously and collect a hefty lawsuit sum from the city, as Colville's teeth were used for prison dentures and she had some made for herself using Aaron's dental records. Ruth either assumed Aaron was innocent from Dr. Conrad Nolan, the prison dentist, sending her a letter with his doubt, or she knew and merely tried to profit off Aaron, as it was implied she also abused him and made him a killer.[1]

Aaron Colville Confession
So you think he routinely denies adequate care to people he deems unworthy?

S02E19-Holmes w dentures
I thought you've never seen them before.


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