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I could go for a double vodka rocks right about now.

— Aaron, "The Rat Race"

Aaron Ward was set up on a date with Joan Watson by her friend Emily Hankins, who works with him.


Season 1[]

Watson is at lunch with Emily Hankins who has arranged a surprise date for her with a work friend, Aaron Ward. Both feeling awkward, they laugh at the situation and begin talking until Watson is interrupted by a text from Holmes, filled with text jargon, demanding her presence. Later, Watson goes on a date with Aaron but tells Holmes that she suspects Aaron was lying about having never been married. Aaron explains to Watson that his marriage was to save a woman from being deported and killed. They don't live together and plan to divorce once she can remain in the US on her own. Watson is impressed until Aaron asks how she found out he was married. Watson gets a text from Aaron, declining that they attend a party at Emily's together. Watson can't believe that he is peeved that she uncovered his lie.[1]

S01E04-Watson meets Aaron
Are you texting with a teenager?


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