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Are you here to kill me, Mr. Holmes?

— Kemper, "Child Predator"

Adam Kemper was abducted by Samuel Abbott, aka "The Balloon Man", when he was twelve.


Season 1[]

In 2005, 12-year-old Adam Kemper is walking to school when he is picked up by a man in a car who he appears to know. They drive away and the man leaves a bunch of colorful balloons behind. In 2012, Mariana Castillo is kidnapped by "The Balloon Man". After Holmes deduces that Mariana was taken in a decommissioned NYPD van, police find the van but the driver is revealed to be a teenager, too young to be The Balloon Man. By a birthmark on his neck, Holmes recognizes him as Adam Kemper. At the 11th Precinct, no one can get Adam to speak until Holmes talks to him. Adam's parents arrive who indicate that they are working on an immunity deal for Adam with the DA in exchange for information on Mariana's location. Holmes deduces identity of the "The Balloon Man" is Samuel Abbott but when police storm his home, Abbott isn't there but they find a video demanding the return of Adam or he'll kill Mariana.

S01E03-Holmes Adam in box
Of course he did. He loves you.
Captain Gregson asked Holmes to speak to Adam again as the police are forbidden to. Adam expresses confusion whether to protect Abbott and fear of being prosecuted for helping Abbott. He asks if signing the immunity deal so he can reveal Mariana's location will make up for helping Abbott. Holmes truthfully says it won't but he should try and save Mariana. Adam says he will sign the deal and reveal Mariana's location. After Abbott is found, Holmes realizes that Adam has become the Balloon Man. Later, in Adam's bedroom at his parent's home, Holmes is waiting for him in the dark. Holmes accuses Adam of becoming The Balloon Man. After mild protests Adam smugly confirms what Holmes has said and reminds him of the immunity deal for any crimes he committed in concert with Abbott. Later at a park, Holmes provides evidence to Adam that he committed a murder without Abbott. Police cruisers arrive and Adam defiantly says that he won't be in jail for long.[1]

S01E03-Holmes and Adam
I have an immunity deal.


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