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I've come to the most wretched of realisations, one that might curdle your very blood. You are my friend.

— Sherlock to Alfredo, "Under My Skin"

Alfredo Llamosa is Sherlock Holmes' sponsor. He works as a professional car security system consultant.



Born in 1977,[1] Alfredo grew up in New York, started stealing cars when he was fourteen, and considers himself a professional. At the age of nineteen, he started doing drugs due to boredom. He has never been a sponsor before, but had a great sponsor himself and wants to be one.

Season 1[]

After Holmes rejects Adrian as a sponsor Joan Watson picked for him, he picks Alfredo at random while attending a support group meeting. Holmes skips meeting with Watson and Alfredo at a cafe. Alfredo tells Watson to be patient, that he's learned a lot from his sponsor and he wants to be one. Watson accuses Holmes of pushing Alfredo away but he avoids the subject. Alfredo visits Holmes at the Brownstone and challenges him to break into an exotic car that has a new security system not on the market yet. Holmes recognizes that Watson has set this up but intrigued, he warily approaches the car and he and Alfredo start to bond on their common interest.[2]

S01E08-Alfredo Holmes w Porsche
You know you want to try.
As part of Watson's training, Alfredo lets her try to defeat a car's security system. He accompanies Watson on her first solo case and watches as she breaks into a suspect's van. However, Watson is caught by a security guard.[3] Alfredo has Holmes and Watson help find a blackmailer, Milverton, who is threatening to release a rape video of the daughter of his sponsor, Ken Whitman. Alfredo cases Milverton's house and sees a suspect he can't describe. To help him remember, Holmes wants to place him in a car trunk but Watson finds an ad of the man on-line. Later, Alfredo tries to convince Holmes to receive his one year sobriety chip. After Holmes and Watson solve the case, he explains to Alfredo that he snuck out of rehab undetected and relapsed before returning, so his anniversary isn't until the next day and, he still has no interest in getting his chip.[4]

S01E18-Alfredo Watson in car
You can't let the noise get to you.

S01E20-Whitman and Alfredo
Alfredo and his sponsor Ken Whitman.

Season 2[]

Holmes tries but can't break into a test car at Alfredo's, even though Alfredo has done it ten times, as he feels guilty over the shooting of Detective Bell. Alfredo suggests going to a meeting but Holmes refuses and then gives up trying to break into the car. Later, Alfredo introduces Randy to Holmes at his home. Randy says he's three months sober, Alfredo indicates Randy is looking for a sponsor. Holmes supports this and says Alfredo is an excellent choice but Alfredo wants Holmes to be Randy's sponsor. Holmes talks to Alfredo in private and makes it clear his work prevents him from being a sponsor. His phone rings, so he leaves leaving Randy wondering what's happened. That night, Holmes breaks into Alfredo's and into the car. Alfredo tells Holmes that he's ready to be a sponsor and that it's time for him to give back to the program.[5]

S02E11-Alfredo Holmes car
You can't let the noise get to you.

S02E11-Randy Alfredo
Alfredo tells me I can learn a lot from you.

Season 3[]

Alfredo seeks Holmes' help to defeat a talking car alarm called Odin. He places sensors around the Brownstone that activate whenever someone gets close to them. Later, Holmes demonstrates that an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) can defeat Odin when activated.[6] As Alfredo is receiving his 5 year sobriety chip, Holmes notices a detective at the meeting who has been hired by the car security company, Castle, that Alfredo works for. Alfredo was fired by Castle who also accused him of doing drugs. In retaliation, Alfredo breaks into cars with their system and moves them. Holmes confronts Alfredo who tells him that he's not his friend, he's his sponsee and to stay out of it. Holmes lures him to a meeting and then moves many Castle protected cars so that Alfredo has an alibi. Alfredo confronts Holmes who tells Alfredo that he's fired as his sponsor so that he can be his friend. Alfredo accepts and jokingly asks if he can date Watson.[1]

Elementary s03e09
You have approached Odin!

S03E21-Alfredo 5 year chip
Alfredo gets his 5 year chip.

S03E21-Alfredo and paper

Holmes and Alfredo watch Abbott and Costello's movie The Naughty Nineties on the Brownstone's roof but Alfredo is distracted as his girlfriend moved to Vancouver and doesn't want a long distance relationship. Alfredo is kidnapped by Oscar Rankin, a junkie who wants to get back at Holmes. Holmes visits Alfredo's mother Estella for information on his whereabouts but Estella says that Alfredo's state of mind was good and she doesn't know why he disappeared. Watson is able to deduce the location where Rankin is holding Alfredo and rescues a severely dehydrated Alfredo.[7]

S03E24-Sherlock Alfredo on roof
You're not laughing.

S03E24-Alfredo family pics
Young Alfredo.

Season 4[]

Having been at his sister's in Chicago for months, recovering from the attack by Oscar Rankin, Alfredo talks to Watson at the Brownstone and mentions that he hasn't seen Holmes at any meetings. Holmes goes to Alfredo's and explains that he's been avoiding him because his past support system reminds him of his relapse and, he hasn't found a sponsor to replace Alfredo. Holmes refuses some specialty donuts that Alfredo offers him. Later, Holmes is waiting at Alfredo's and tells him that he's deduced that Alfredo is struggling, after seeing the specialty donuts at several meetings. Alfredo admits to going through depression and Holmes reminds him that he's his friend. Alfredo offers to cook dinner for Holmes and see if they can work on his depression.[8]

S04E05-Alfredo and Watson
It's so great to see you.

S04E05-Holmes at Alfredos
Everyone else loves these donuts.

S04E05-Alfredo groceries
I'll cook us some dinner.

Season 6[]

Alfredo drives Holmes in his latest car and asks him to help steal $100,000. Later, he explains that he's done work for a car dealership who refused to pay him. He needs the money in three days to help his brother Dante pay off debts to people that could hurt him. Holmes considers Dante reprehensible and won't help. Holmes gives Alfredo a cheque for $100,000 and lies that he stole it from the dealership. Alfredo sees through the lie, doesn't take the cheque and encourages him to be forgiving to those who may not deserve it. This starts Sherlock thinking about his brother Mycroft. Later, Holmes tells Alfredo that he gave the cheque to Dante and told him what he thought of him and then forgave him. He also says that he's reached out to Mycroft and plans to forgive him.[9]

S06E09-Alfredo Holmes in car
I need you to help me steal $100,000.


You know, it's funny you can, um, you can be really generous when you want to be. You should think about being that way more often. Looks good on you.

— Alfredo to Holmes, "Nobody Lives Forever"


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