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"You were with him too, weren't you? Mycroft? You were. Wow. Guess he had a type, huh? "
Lin to Watson
Returning to her apartment, a young Asian woman talks on the phone to her mother. Hanging up, she finds a bag of cash and distressed, calls someone and while leaving a message, is attacked and shot at. At the Brownstone, while bouncing on a trampoline, Holmes tells Watson that his latest case involves potential fraud with fine wine. The Asian woman arrives, begging for Sherlock's help. While Watson treats a bullet wound and broken wrist, the woman introduces herself as Lin Wen, a realtor, and explains she's heard of Sherlock from his brother Mycroft who she helped looked at commercial space. Indicating that a week before, she used a penthouse she was listing to host a high-stakes poker game, the game was robbed by two men who took $1.2M and keys to a Bentley. Arriving home to find half the stolen money, she believes she was framed and doesn't know who shot her.

S04E19-Holmes trampoline
New York is without a homicide this week.
Her lookout was an intern, Ian Walker, she hired just before the game who she can't get a hold of. In addition, she had a poker dealer and seven players, whose names are in her phone at her apartment. Watson is suspicious of Lin, especially her association with Mycroft so Holmes leaves alone for Lin's place. Finding the phone, Holmes hears a knock on the door and finds Lin's dealer, Sophia Darrow. Darrow describes the robbery by two men in masks who fired warning shots into the ceiling. Demanding she gather the money and items, they hit her with a pistol and she fell on a spent shell casing, burning herself. Identifying an unusual Russian pistol by Darrow's burn, he recognizes that one of the players listed in Lin's phone is gun dealer James Hobberkin. Darrow says that Hobberkin lost a lot of money before the robbery. At the Brownstone, Watson sews Lin's arm wound and she learns that Watson used to be a surgeon.

S04E19-Sofia and Holmes
You were concussed?
Watson questions Lin on her relationship with Mycroft and learns they were dating, right up until the fire at Diogenes, that was used as a cover for his death. Watson realizes that she and Lin were seeing Mycroft at the same time and Lin doesn't know he's still alive. At Hobberkin's office, Holmes accuses him arranging the poker game robbery but Hobberkin shows that he's hired a detective, that Walker has disappeared and that one of his men received a tip, found Lin with the money and shot at her. Convinced that Lin robbed the game, he offers Holmes a reward if the rest of the money is found. Holmes calls Watson and relates that Hobberkin isn't a suspect and that he's found Walker's body. The next morning at the Brownstone, Watson chastizes Lin for calling her mother, having warned her that calls could be monitored. Cutting off Lin's protests, she's told Walker is dead, that a man Hobberkin hired attacked her, and that the police have been informed.

S04E19-Holmes amd Jimmer
They dimed her out. I got an e-mail yesterday.
Meeting Detective Bell and Holmes at the Morgue, Watson is told by Dr. Grannis that Walker was overdosed with chloroform. Noting that his shirt smells of cigarette smoke, charcoal and coconut, Holmes also believes that although Walker died a week before, his body was recently dumped. Bell says he and Captain Gregson will examine the penthouse where the game took place and warns them to give Gregson some time to forgive them for not reporting the crimes sooner. At the penthouse, Bell and Gregson are angry to find the owner has been renovating, which makes examining the scene difficult. Noting that Lin also had a contractor fix the ceiling bullet holes, Bell notices the ceiling light above where the poker table was is, peculiar. At the 11th Precinct, Bell shows Holmes that the light has a wi-fi spy camera in it.

S04E19-Gregson and Bell
There's something weird about the light.
Lin is brought to the precinct and having agreed to a deal, she indicates that the first player at the game, Mateo Pena, distracted her, and must have put the spy light in. At Pena's office, where his company, Semper Apex, handles IT security for various UN missions, he admits to planting the spy light in order to cheat at poker, and that he has footage of the game. He retrieves the video from a secure, air-gapped server room and provides it to Bell and Holmes. At the Brownstone, as Watson looks at the video, Lin annoys her with questions about Mycroft that shows he was seeing them both at the same time. Suddenly, NSA Agent McNally appears on the screen, tells Watson he's taking the footage and that they need to drop the case. The laptop is wiped and the lights in the Brownstone go out. Later as Holmes tries to fix the lights, Watson tells him that via Morland, she was able to get a message to Mycroft, who responded that he doesn't know Lin.

S04E19-In computer room
No, you won't get a signal.
Finding Lin looking for listening devices, Holmes tells her they must do as the NSA says. Confused, Lin sees Watson holding up a sign that says the NSA could be listening. Holmes turns on loud music and whispers they will continue to investigate. Watson says that one of the robbers had very bad hair plugs from which they should be able to identify him. (♫ Beck - E-Pro ♫) Having identified the robbers as brothers Vural and Murat Celik, they're confronted in their shop, which sells hookah coals that matches the smell on Walker's shirt. (♫ Nilgul - Pis Pisla ♫) Denying they were involved in the robbery, Holmes looks outside and to Watson's puzzlement, starts talking to a van parked across the street. Realizing it's an NSA van surveilling the Celiks, Holmes threatens to blow their cover unless a meeting with McNally is arranged.

S04E19-In Turkish shop
We were home that night.
Returning to the Brownstone, Watson finds Lin is planning to leave. Advising her to stay and accusing her of lying about knowing Mycroft, Lin is indignant and would rather face danger than stay. Holmes meets McNally at an NSA office who confirms the Celiks are spies and working with Sofia Darrow, aka Szofi Demir, who is a double agent. Indicating he doesn't know who Szofi's new employer is and that she's involved in ops more dangerous that the robbery, McNally decided to leave her and Celiks free in order to learn more. However, since Holmes and Watson visited the Celik's shop, all three are booked to leave for Turkey in seven hours. He sarcastically congratulates Holmes for facilitating three spies getting away with murder. At the Brownstone, Watson watches the video of robbery, it having been given back to them by the NSA. As Holmes rues the lost opportunity, he notices something in the video and tells Watson the robbery was a distraction from another crime.

S04E19-Holmes and NcNally
Oh, we've been on them for months.
Szofi meets Gregson, Holmes, Watson and McNally, who won't identify himself, at an NSA office and acts in her Sofia personna. Showing the robbery video to Szofi, Holmes points out that Vural took an impression of Pena's key to the Semper Apex server room. The next day, the Celiks visited Semper Apex posing as clients and Vural planted a device in the server room that would allow them to access data from the UN missions Semper Apex serves. Shown that the device is sending the data to her, she drops her facade and offers to identify Walker's killer in exchange for a deal. First, McNally insists she write down who she's working for. Outside, Holmes tells Watson that he could tell what Szofi wrote by watching the pen movements. Excusing herself, Watson surprises Lin at a listing she's showing where she confesses to not knowing Mycroft. Having tracked the number Lin called when she talked to her mother, Watson's deduced that Lin is her half-sister and asks her to admit it.

S04E19-Sofia confrontation
Espionage doesn't fall in the jurisdiction of the NYPD.


  • Beck - E-Pro is used by Holmes to drown out any conversation as the NSA may be listening in as he speaks to Watson and Lin Wen.
  • Nilgul - Pis Pisla plays as Holmes and Watson question the two Turkish spies, Murat and Vural Celik, in their shop.


  • Watson first mentions her biological father when helping Morris Gilroy find Sergeant Zeke Frebeaux, aka "Freebo."[1]


That must have been a tough chat with the folks. Thanks for the med school, but I'm off to fight crime with my roommate.

— Lin to Watson



  1. Season 2, episode 15: "Corpse de Ballet"