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"And that would be bad for you, right? Getting your ass kicked by a consultant?"
— Watson to Detective Cortes
At the Brownstone, Holmes and Watson compete to see who can get out of unpickable handcuffs and a call to Watson's phone activates a ringtone which annoys Holmes. (♫ Michael Franti & Spearhead - Hello Bonjour ♫) Proceeding to the hospital Watson used to work at, they meet Tamara who asks for their help finding a missing doctor, Abby Campbell. Described as stable and with a two-year old, Tamara indicates that Abby wouldn't voluntarily disappear. Checking the fertility lab where Abby works, Watson receives a text from her friend Emily that she urgently needs to see her. Holmes notices Abby's work area has been cleaned and there are skid marks on the floor made from a gurney. Following the marks leads them to a prep lab for medical specimens. While Watson looks a body parts in the refrigerators, Holmes examines a skeleton which he identifies from its front tooth as Abby.

S04E04-Watson Holmes skeleton
Hello Abby Campbell.
At the Morgue, Detective Bell tells Holmes that the skeleton is confirmed as Abby's. Holmes notices a missing neck bone which suggests that Abby was strangled. The position of her work area to the lab's only door suggests that she knew her attacker and, her husband Nate is an oncologist. Meeting Emily at a coffee shop, Watson hears that a Detective Gina Cortes questioned her about whether Watson would break the law. At the 11th Precinct, Nate says he was with his office manager when Abby was killed and reveals he had no motive to kill Abby as she was dying of pancreatic cancer and had a year to live. At the Brownstone, Watson finds Holmes reviewing hospital surveillance footage and he shows her that Abby was having an affair with a Dr. Branford Fisher. (♫ Rebecca Black - Friday ♫) She informs him about Cortes and he encourages her to find out the reason for Cortes' inquiries, especially since they've recently been cleared to work with the NYPD again.

S04E04-Emily and Watson
Joanie are you in some sort of trouble?
Holmes receives a call from Nate asking him to come to his house without police and that he knows Fisher's whereabouts. Watson and Holmes find Fisher at Nate's home and looking around, Holmes deduces that Fisher lives there. Nate indicates that they were both married to Abby which they had to keep secret from the government and the hospital. Fisher was in Boston when Abby was murdered and Nate says that Abby used to be in another group marriage, with five other people and, she left over a dispute that was unresolved. Captain Gregson arranges for all five to be brought to the precinct, where two men and two women explain that the issue was a down payment on their house. A fifth member, lawyer Denise Davis, insisted that all money be pooled and since Abby had an inheritance, she made the down payment. Abby left over continued fiscal arguments and had been trying to get her down payment back.

S04E04-Holmes Watson Dr house
It was her idea, actually. She'd done it before.
Davis admits that things were bad between her and Abby but that weeks before her death, they had reconciled and Abby had given up her claim on the down payment. However, Abby wanted Davis to draw up a confidentiality agreement for an item she wanted to sell. Davis didn't know what the item was, but sensing it was stolen, she refused. Watson confronts Cortes in front of her precinct but Cortes won't reveal why she's looking into Watson and taunts her discomfort. Returning to the Brownstone, Watson tells Holmes that she believes Cortes' problem with her is personal and she's been looking into Cortes' background. In order to determine the item Abby stole, Holmes has examined the hospital's inventory, concludes it was human embryos and has found a potential buyer within Abby's social circle. They confront Dr. Amrit, a diabetes researcher, and after threatening prosecution, he admits he obtained embryos from Abby for his research.

S04E04-Denise Davis
Whatever she took, maybe it was worth killing over.
Denying he killed Abby, Amrit indicates that she gave him embryos in return for running blood tests off the record. Proceeding to his lab, it has been destroyed by arson which Amrit thought was done by those opposed to his research. Noticing the hard drives were smashed, Holmes and Watson conclude that Abby's killer knew she'd been there and wanted to hide whatever her blood tests revealed. Showing Gregson their findings at the precinct, he gets a warrant to collect Abby's test materials from biological waste bins which Abby used at Amrit's lab. Watson surprises Cortes in a coffee shop and says that she knows Cortes is angry with her for looking into the past of her previous boss, Ann Vescey. Vescey was supposed to take over Major Cases from Gregson and Cortes believes Watson's recommendation stopped this, also preventing a promotion for Cortes.

S04E04-In Amrits burnt lab
I just don't think you're going to find much.
Cortes doesn't care when Watson shows her positive file on Vescey as she believes Watson isn't qualified to judge any police officer. Saying consultants don't belong working with police, she threatens to look into why Holmes and Watson were re-instated with the NYPD. At the Morgue, while sorting through the biological waste, Holmes says Cortes doesn't see Watson as a peer and in order to resolve their conflict, she'll need to challenge Cortes in the manner police officers resolve their "beefs." Holmes finds six blood vials with Abby's handwriting and seeing the dates and times they were collected, he knows where Abby got the samples from. At the precinct, they speak to a Ms. Russof who led a cancer support group Abby attended. Russof says that Abby collected samples from members of the group after telling them that a colleague was doing advanced cancer research. However, a Kirk Abramovitch, husband of group member Sadie, accused Abby of being a con artist and threatened her.

S04E04-Holmes Watson morgue
She does not see you as a peer, so force her to.
At the Abramovitch's, Kirk admits to threatening Abby but denies killing her. Sadie explains that Kirk's mother died of cancer and lost a lot of money to con artists promising cures. Sadie mentions that her cancer treatment is going well and that she gave her blood sample as she trusted Abby, since her husband Nate is her oncologist. Sadie exits to see to her baby and Watson follows her to the baby's room. Watson inquiries about Sadie's cancer and finding she has a spinal tumor, Watson examines Sadie. Only minor pain results when Watson presses on her spine and Sadie indicates the pain is worse at night. Leaving the Abramovitch's, Watson tells Bell and Holmes that Sadie doesn't have cancer and she knows who killed Abby. At the precinct, Sadie's case is discussed with Nate and his lawyer and Watson shows them that Sadie was misdiagnosed. A warrant on Nate's files and re-examination of his patients revealed that he'd prescribed cancer treatment for many patients who didn't have cancer.

You've been subjecting them to unnecessary chemotherapy.
Abby discovered his malpractice when receiving chemo treatment at his clinic and ran the blood tests to confirm it. His office manager confessed to the malpractice and after recanting Nate's alibi, indicated that Nate was seen heading to Abby's lab, after an argument with her, just before she went missing. Nate confesses and asks that he be allowed to talk to Fisher before providing the details. Watson surprises Cortes at a boxing gym while she is working out and challenges her to a boxing match two weeks later. Trying to intimidate Watson, Cortes wants to box right away, which Watson takes her up on. Later at the Brownstone, Watson ices her hand while Holmes makes a poultice for a black eye Watson received in the fight. (♫ Elijah Newman - Distance ♫) He comments that Watson allowed Cortes to land too many punches but she counters that the important thing is that she landed the last punch.

S04E04-Cortes Watson boxing ring
You want to fight me?

S04E04-Watson eye wound
All that matters is that I landed the last one.



  • Holmes makes reference to the song Who Let the Dogs Out?
  • Detective Cortes is unhappy that Watson looked into her old boss, Ann Vescey, who was to have replaced Captain Gregson as head of Major Cases.[1]


It appears she was very, very well-liked. No unpleasantness whatsoever. There was, however, some suspicious pleasantness.

— Holmes about Abby Campbell



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