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"Because I have faith in you! I have faith in your perseverance! Be my friend, don't be my friend, whatever, but don't be so foolish as to confuse punishing me with punishing yourself!"
— Sherlock to Detective Bell
At the 11th Precinct, Holmes asks a security guard from the Astor Museum, Mr. Riley, to handover his prosthetic leg. He and Watson allege that he along with his accomplice Adrian Harper, stole artefacts. Holmes finds a secret compartment in the prosthesis whereby Detective Nash takes over the case. Exasperated, they complain to Captain Gregson who says they have already burned through half the squad since Detective Bell transferred to Demographics and they have to collaborate with other detectives. At Demographics, Deputy Commissioner Da Silva assigns Bell and Detective Annie Wozniak to Nemetz Oil recycling where a tip has been received. At Nemetz Oil, Bell questions a security guard who believes the tipster saw employees of Indian descent. Bell checks a storage building and surveys the oil drums. He finds a headless, handless body in a green barrel and calls for Gregson.

S02E13-Watson Holmes dressed up
All dressed up...
Meeting Bell at the scene, he informs them there are no clues as to the killer nor the corpse's identity. Bell is icy towards Holmes so Watson excuses themselves. Holmes notes the barrel's original color was blue and from a scar on the man's leg, Watson knows who the man is. In Gregson's office, he's identified as former mobster Bobby Pardillo. Shot in the knees over gambling debts owed to the rival Ferrara mob, he required multiple surgeries. He then went into hiding and hadn't been seen in over 20 years. Watson reveals her mob expertise is from following their actions as a youngster. At the Morgue, Bobby's father, Robert, confirms the body is his son. Robert reveals that Bobby lived upstate after leaving the mob due killing a Ferrara member. They communicated by emails made to look like spam so he believes Bobby was spotted when visiting NYC. Asked for a suspect in the Ferrara family, Robert claims ignorance but mentions a "mutt."

S02E13-At recycling warehouse
There's blind spots all over.
Holmes plans to visit Demographics to find the tipster while Watson reviews files on the Ferraras. At Demographics, Da Silva has little info on the tipster. Holmes offers his and Watson's services to the unit. Seeing Holmes, Bell is irked to learn Holmes will be working there when Holmes knows Bell doesn't want to see him. Holmes belittles Bell's new role as an analyst and leaves. From reviewing the Ferrara files, Watson finds a suspect for Bobby's murder, Dante Scalice, who has mixed ancestry, matching Robert's "mutt" comment. She also finds Scalice's nightclub uses grease barrels that match the one Bobby was found in. At Scalice's home, they rifle through his garbage for evidence but are caught by Scalice. He won't speak to them without a warrant and gets in his car. As Holmes and Watson walk away, the car explodes. With police on the scene, Gregson tells them the explosive is commonly used in construction, which funds many mob families.

S02E13-Watson Holmes car explosion
Not one day in prison.
With the explosive untraceable, Gregson is worried that if Scalice's killer isn't found soon, a mob war may break out. In Scalice's, Holmes finds a bone from Bobby's skull and, print-outs of Bobby's emails and phone records. He explains to Watson that the print-outs were provided by the NSA. At an NSA front company, they show the printouts to Dean McNally who denies knowing what they are or that he works for the NSA. After explaining how they were used by the Ferraras to find and kill Bobby, Holmes points to markings on the printouts that indicate they came from an NSA system. McNally continues his denial so while leaving, Holmes threatens to create memberships for him on many embarrassing websites. At the precinct, Watson runs into Bell who wants her to persuade Holmes to not work at Demographics. At the Brownstone, Watson confronts Holmes as to why he's taunting Bell while Holmes sets off various explosives inside a freezer. He receives a text which he can't reveal to Watson and leaves.

S02E13-McNally Holmes lantera
This is a Web development shop.
McNally, with a jammer, is waiting for Holmes at a construction site. Dropping his facade, he informs Holmes that Bobby's printouts were from the NSA at the request of Da Silva. His bosses are uneasy that the request resulted in Bobby's murder and he doesn't know why Da Silva requested the printouts. At the Brownstone, Holmes fills Watson in, however, not knowing Da Silva's motive, they decide to inform Bell. Bell doesn't believe that Da Silva is corrupt and accuses Holmes of trying to ruin his position at Demographics. He refuses to help them find out why Da Silva requested the info on Bobby and insults them. Holmes catches him at the front door and Bell accuses Holmes of trying to wreck his career because he won't forgive him. Holmes admits that he was trying to get a rise out of Bell but only to make him realize he isn't an analyst, he's a detective. Citing his hand tremor as to why he can't be a detective, Holmes proclaims his faith in Bell and briefly recounts his recovery from drug addiction.

S02E13-Bell Holmes have it out
It's a calling. It's your calling.
The next day, Holmes and Watson visit the home of Teddy Ferrara. Accusing him of having a police officer on his payroll, he denies it and freely admits that Scalice received the printouts on Bobby, but it came from an anonymous source. After 20 years, he didn't care about Bobby and didn't tell Scalice to kill him. At Demographics, Bell tells Da Silva that Holmes thought the tip that led them to Bobby's body was fake. Pointing out Holmes isn't a good fit for the unit, Da Silva agrees. Bell arrives at the Brownstone unexpectedly and tells them that he found evidence in Da Silva's office that he is corrupt. He found a file, decades old, with ample evidence to imprison Robert Pardillo. Da Silva started his career as a mob planted policeman but as he was promoted, largely freed himself from Da Silva. However, a newly elected union boss who is against corruption would cripple the Pardillo's construction racketing income.

S02E13-Bell Holmes Watson
Da Silva orchestrated both the death and the discovery.
Knowing that Robert would ask he cover up the killing of the union boss, Da Silva leaked Bobby's information to start a mob war that would destroy the Pardillos and free him from any obligations. Since Bell stole the file from Da Silva, it wouldn't be admissible in court but Holmes believes there's a way to bring Da Silva down. At Demographics, Bell tells Da Silva that Gregson called that they have evidence that links the bomb that killed Scalice to Robert Pardillo. Bell indicates Gregson will have a warrant by day end and will then be able to arrest Robert. At the docks, Robert waits in a boat and talks to Da Silva on the phone. Da Silva indicates they'll work out how to handle the union boss and the police while putting a silencer on a pistol. As Da Silva walks down the dock, CSU officers close in on Da Silva and Bell tells him not to move over a megaphone. Seeing what Da Silva had planned for him, Robert tries to attack Da Silva but is held back by the officers.

S02E13-Da Silva arrested
Come over here, you rat bastard!
In Gregson's office, Holmes and Watson learn that Da Silva has struck a deal in which he'll testify against the Pardillo family in exchange for incarceration in a minimum security prison for the rest of his life. To Holmes' surprise, Gregson thanks him for working things out with Bell. (♫ The Rocketboys - On the Other Side ♫) Bell has returned to the Major Case unit and is seen buying his desk back from Detective Nash. As he unpacks his possessions, Holmes and Watson pass by and he nods at Holmes.

It's good to have him back.




I am a drug addict, Marcus. A drug addict. And it might seem like an abstraction to you because I have been sober since I made your acquaintance. But two years ago, I was as pitiable a soul as you will ever meet. With help, I fought back, and I got a little bit better. I know what I'm supposed to do with my life. Do you?

— Holmes to Bell