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"You stay, go, I don't care. But either way, I'm gonna find and stop whoever tried to kill you."
— Sherlock to Morland
At Morland's office, Sherlock confronts Morland over not telling him that he was the victim of a murder attempt. The attack having killed his lover Sabine, Morland says it's too painful to discuss and that the assassin has been dealt with. Convinced he's lying, Sherlock intends to investigate the matter on his own. During a buglary, the lookout sees a shooting in the apartment across the street. Several weeks later, Sherlock arrives at the Brownstone, his arm bloodied. His attempt to get information on Morland's attack from a female mercenary unsuccessful, Watson tells him that a counselor from Hemdale has asked them to meet with a halfway house manager, Lily Cooper, about a murder. At the house, Cooper says that many of the men there are ex-cons and that the house is owned by Fairbridge University. Under investigation by the Dept. of Education (DOE) for illegal recruiting practices, Cooper explains that her clients were lied to about what Fairbridge would provide and ended up indebted.

S04E10-Morland tux and Sherlock
One makes one's share of enemies in my line of work.
The halfway house was bought by Fairbridge as they provided a source of exploitable recruits. Cooper mentions that a Fairbridge recruiter, Dennis Hicks, was to testify in the DOE's investigation but was killed in a home robbery. Believing he was murdered and showing them a file she has on clients who have been victims, she asks them to look into Hicks' death. While Sherlock goes to see Interpol Agent Muller, who is in NYC and is in Morland's employ, Watson connects with the detective who worked the Hicks case. At Hicks' apartment, the detective explains that there were five other home robberies the evening Hicks was killed but none of the other residents were home. Watson sees the other robbery victims were Russian and deduces the families were at church that evening. Seeing that Hicks' apartment is across from the last robbed apartment, she believes the robbers had an association with the church and may have seen who shot Hicks.

S04E10-With Cooper
They'll say anything to get people to sign.
Sherlock surprises Muller at his hotel who feels threatened and strongly tells a confused Sherlock that he doesn't want to talk to him about the attack on Morland. In "the box" at the 11th Precinct, Detective Bell offers the robbery lookout a deal for details on Hicks' shooting. His crew captured by police after finding that a member had access to the church's dinner invitation list, he provides a description of the shooter. Watson calls Sherlock with the news while he tells her that he's at Cooper's office where she's been killed. Having reviewed the crime scene, Bell and Watson tell Captain Gregson they suspect that like Hicks' murder, Cooper's was staged to look like a robbery. Noting the file she had on victims of Fairbridge was missing, they plan to question the university's CEO, Wilson Trager, who owns the school and stands to lose the most if it is shutdown.

S04E10-Muller Holmes
I have nothing to say to you.
At Fairbridge, Trager displays fake concern for those murdered and passes Bell and Watson off to his two lawyers. Hearing their suspicions that Hicks and Cooper were killed over the DOE investigation, the lawyers indicate they'll provide access to Trager's schedule and records. Sherlock arrives at Morland's office and tells him about his encounter with Muller. Sherlock's deduced that Morland never asked for his help investigating the attack because he believed that he was the assassin. Morland admits to such but has moved off the notion. Sherlock demands that Morland leave NYC to preserve his and Watson's safety and, because he can't believe that Morland would think him capable of murder. At the Brownstone, Sherlock tells Watson about his talk with Morland while she reports that they've found nothing in Trager's records connecting him to the murders. Gregson calls that the sketch provided by the robbery lookout resulted in identifying Hicks' killer as Victor Nieves, who used to live at the halfway house.

S04E10-With lawyers
You're hardly here for a friendly chat.
Police don't find Victor at his home and his wife won't provide his location. Bell talks to the Nieves' daughter and finds that Victor was at an amusement park when Cooper was killed. Calling Gregson, he's surprised to find that Victor has turned himself in and confessed to Hicks and Cooper's murders. In "the box", Sherlock tells Victor that they know he didn't kill Cooper and shows a picture of Victor with Cooper. With evidence confirming that Victor killed Hicks, Sherlock unsuccessfully tries to get Victor to implicate Trager. Victor says he killed Hicks because Hicks recruited him to Fairbridge with lies that put him into debt. When Sherlock asks why Hicks is taking the blame for Cooper's murder and why he's protecting Cooper's killer, he says the killer probably had no choice. Sherlock leaves and tells Bell, Gregson and Watson that Trager is using his indebted students to carry out crimes.

S04E10-Nieves in box
How much did you owe?
Bell and Watson have found a timely fire and accidents to those standing in Trager's way, suggesting that ex-con students are coerced depending on their past crimes. While Bell and Watson search through thousands of students records, looking for suspects, Sherlock surprises Trager in his office and introduces himself. Trager is non-plussed and challenges Sherlock to provide a character evaluation. After scathing remarks, Sherlock accuses him of coercing indebted students into crimes and mentions he used Victor to eliminate the DOE investigation threat. Trager tells Sherlock that he's just made a deal with DOE officials that will end their investigation. Since he knew the deal was imminent before the murders occurred, he has no motive for killing Hicks and Cooper and asks Sherlock to leave. At the Brownstone, Watson tells Sherlock that Fairbridge has stopped cooperating and they are using DOE records to find suspects. Sherlock mentions that Trager has a fake diploma and a picture of himself hunting in this office.

S04E10-Wilson Trager
You're a double destroyer of lives.
Morland arrives and explains to Sherlock that a witness described him in the vicinity of the attack and the witness has since disappeared. He also mentions a threat that he made towards Muller which explains Muller's fear of Sherlock. Apologizing for thinking Sherlock capable of the attack, he came to NYC to make things right with Sherlock but says he's leaving. Sherlock insists on continuing with the investigation into Morland's attacker. Having used Victor's situation as a model, Watson has created dozens of files of suspects, which she spreads on the floor. Looking at Victor's file, Sherlock then looks up a tartan on-line and says he's found how to bring down Trager. Interrupting an executive meeting at Fairbridge, Sherlock takes over the presentation and shows the audience various former students who Trager coerced into committing crimes. With a warrant and building security unable to intervene, Sherlock also shows a picture of Cooper's killer.

S04E10-Floor photos
Are these your candidates?
Trager claims he can't be connected to any of the crimes which Watson counters. From a hunting photo in Trager's office, showing him with a man in a tartan, Sherlock identified the man as one of Trager's in-laws who Trager used to pressure the students into crimes. He ordered the murders as Cooper was close to proving that Victor's debt was being repaid after he shot Hicks. The in-law confessed to carrying out Trager's orders and Bell arrests Trager. At the Brownstone, Sherlock entertains the female mercenary again and leaves to see Morland. He tells Morland that Muller's predecessor, De Clerq, was spying on him, likely to pass on an opportune time to attack. Sherlock speculates that De Clerq was killed by whoever ordered the attack on Morland to tie up a loose end. Offended that whoever was behind Morland's attack cast suspicion on him, Sherlock vows to keep investigating and stop the offender.

S04E10-Trager arrest
Your imagination is running wild.


  • Sherlock is seen pouring honey down the drain that Watson says they got for Morland when he visits. However, Sherlock has his own beehives so store-bought honey wouldn't be necessary. Also, it stands to reason, given Sherlock's great love of bees, that he wouldn't waste honey.


Were you in a fight, or were you having sex?

— Watson to Sherlock