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"You're not gonna go through this alone, okay?"
— Watson to Holmes concerning his post-concussion syndrome

In the Morgue, Holmes lies on an examination table which surprises Dr. Eugene Hawes. Holmes explains that he's waiting for test results and he leaves when his phone rings. At his home, Sammy Olivetti is seen posting angry on-line feedback to a sex video. He goes downstairs and finds it covered in plastic. As he looks around quizzically, he's attacked from behind and his head is smashed. At the 11th Precinct, Watson meets new clients Sophie Bishop, her husband Ryan Hayes and their lawyer Vernon Fisk while Holmes arrives late. Bishop comes from a wealthy family but was a tabloid star who was published in the nude. Bishop wants them to find Olivetti, an old boyfriend, who called her about the sex video of them being posted. Olivetti told her the tape was stolen and he was supposed to meet Bishop to discuss legal action but never showed. The release of the tape violates terms of Bishop's family trust which will cost Bishop her share. Hayes is not jealous of the tape, knew about Bishop's indescretions and claims to have had a wild past before he met her.

S06E01-Hawes crutches
Oh, you want the full experience.

S06E01-Hayes and Bishop
But I'm here because I'm worried about Sammy.

In the hallway, Watson confronts Holmes about destroying a door at the Brownstone and avoiding her since Shinwell died. At home, Holmes explains that weeks ago, he began experiencing headaches, dizziness and other symptoms. He destroyed the door while hallucinating his mother was trapped in a fire. Tests revealed he has post-concussion syndrome (PCS), brought on when Shinwell hit him on the head with a bottle. His prognosis is uncertain so Watson gets up and hugs him. Uncomfortable, a message on Holmes' phone interrupts them, indicating Olivetti's phone is still in his house. At Olivetti's, Holmes notices the deadbolt on the door, which wasn't locked when his home was robbed. Olivetti told the police he rarely used it. Holmes tells Watson that he hasn't told Captain Gregson about his PCS. Holmes smells plastic, finds fresh tape residue which held it up, covering the entire room and finds a spot of blood.

S06E01-At Olivettis
Do you smell that?
Outside Olivetti's, Holmes gets a call. The voice is scrambled and offers $1M to drop the case. Holmes provides an account and asks for $5M which the caller agrees to and, sends the money. At the precinct, Holmes reports the bribe to Gregson which he explains he accepted in order to trace the money transfer. He also may know who sent the money. At a construction site, Holmes confronts Sophie's brother, Drew. He believes Drew released the sex tape to exclude Sophie from the family trust, leaving more money for himself, and that he's responsible for Olivetti's disappearance. Drew denies Holmes' allegations but as he explains, Holmes' PCS occurs and he leaves. At Sophie's, Watson tells her that Olivetti's been hurt and they've questioned her brother. She insists Drew had nothing to do with posting the sex tape nor Olivetti's disappearance. Watson discovered the tape was uploaded at a coffee house and when she asks Sophie if she knows the place, Sophie says uncomfortably says no.

S06E01-Holmes construction site
Two nights ago, he vanished.
At a support group meeting, Holmes shares that he challenged his sobriety due to boredom but that recent events have given him more than he can handle. Outside, Holmes is approached by Michael Rowan who credits Holmes for helping him stay sober. Years before, Holmes mentioned that delving into his work kept him from drugs so Michael did the same with success. He offers Holmes help if he ever needs it. At the Brownstone, Holmes tells Watson that the money transfer trace was a dead end. He also says when questioning Drew, he was able to read his lips when experiencing PCS. Drew indicated that the posting of the sex tape would exclude Sophie from annual payments from the trust but in lieu, she would receive a $60M buyout. Drew was trying to have the buyout removed from the trust terms so had no motive to post the tape. As the PCS is making him tired, Holmes goes to bed. Watson receives a call from Detective Bell that Sophie is dead.

S06E01-Michael Holmes shake
Oh, what did I say?
At the scene, Bell tells Watson that Ryan indicated that Sophie left home after receiving a call. The call was from the same number used to bribe Holmes and Watson has an idea who that might be. In "the box" at the precinct, Gregson and Holmes question Ryan. They've discovered he'd visited a divorce lawyer and was at the coffee house on the day the tape was uploaded. Ryan confesses to stealing and uploading the tape but insists Sophie was in on the plan to trigger the $60M buyout. He denies committing Sophie or Olivetti's murder. At the Brownstone, Watson tells Holmes that the trust lawyer confirmed Ryan wouldn't get any money if he'd divorced Sophie but he does get to keep the buyout. Holmes walks into a room and can't remember why he went there. As a man who can remember an incredible amount of details, this disturbs him greatly. He's terrified that if the PCS symptoms worsen, he won't be able to work and without work, he may use drugs which will make the PCS worse.

S06E01-Holmes forgets
I'm just not sure I can stay sober.
At the precinct, Bell tells Holmes that a woman arrived at the station claiming to know who killed Olivetti and Sophie. The woman, Bethany Marshall, says that she also made sex tapes with Olivetti. While she and Sophie were OK with each other, a woman named Luna also made tapes with Olivetti which he indicated were the only ones he'd ever made. When Luna discovered the Sophie sex tape, she threatened to kill them both. She shows Holmes the tape she made with Olivetti in his home which Holmes finds most helpful. Watson enters the Brownstone and hears passionate moaning upstairs. Holmes is watching Bethany's sex tape and tells Watson he visited Olivetti's home again and has everything he needs to prove Ryan is the killer. At the precinct, Ryan and his lawyer Fisk are seated in front of a TV. It's explained to them that Olivetti made sex tapes with many women. However, Bethany's tape didn't begin by Olivetti setting up the camera. Holmes realized that the deadbolt activated a hidden camera.

S06E01-Holmes deadbolt green
The deadbolt was Sammy's secret switch.
Gregson indicates that since Sophie and Ryan had met with Olivetti several times, they believe Ryan had a key to Olivetti's house. This allowed him to enter without damaging the deadbolt but planning to hang up plastic and murder Olivetti, he activated it. Holmes turns on the TV which shows a tape from Olivetti's hidden camera in which Ryan smashes Olivetti's head. Gregson asks what he did with the body. At the Brownstone, Watson has hired a contractor to repair the damage that Holmes did to a door. She shows him a lot of research on dealing with PCS and says she'll be there to help him through it. (♫ Adam Torres - Some Beast Will Find You by Name ♫) Holmes calls Michael, expresses his appreciation for the help he offered and invites Michael to a support group meeting. Out of breath, Michael accepts but says he's out for a walk and may need a little time. Hanging up, Michael is seen digging a grave for a dead, blonde woman.

S06E01-Michael burying body
See you then.




My mother's ghost recently set a room on fire, so I've been doing most of my thinking elsewhere.

— Holmes to Dr. Hawes



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