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"And yet I've come to appreciate the premise of partnership. It's far more intricate than I had previously imagined."
— Holmes to Watson
In the holding cells at the 11th Precinct, Holmes has Watson deduce what caused the prisoners to be jailed by examining them. Tired, she gets a coffee and is approached by Detective Basken who asks for her help with a case. He makes a point of excluding Holmes. Entering her home, Cheryl Gregson is startled by a masked, armed man demanding to know where her husband is. Distracting him, she runs upstairs, retrieves a pistol and shoots the man through a door. She calls 911 and asks that her husband, Captain Gregson be warned. Later, with police on the scene, Tommy and Cheryl hug while Detective Bell, Holmes and Watson question a witness, James Munroe. Ex-military, Munroe saw the man flee but can't provide much of a description. Holmes notices a blood smear from the intruder on Cheryl's car.

S02E06-Cheryl Gregson head shot
I shot him. There's blood.
Questioned by Bell, Cheryl describes the intruder's weapon but little else. Neither Gregsons have any suspects but the Captain informs them that they aren't living together. At the Brownstone, Holmes finds a suspect, a cyber stalker named Dustin Bishop who has sent the Captain many increasingly threatening emails. At the precinct, the Captain explains to Bell that he and Cheryl are on a trial separation and it doesn't have anything to do with the home invasion. At Bishop's, Holmes and Watson find his walls covered with pictures of the Captain and Bishop unconscious from a gunshot wound. Gregson and Bell arrive and are surprised that Holmes doesn't believe Bishop is the invader. His gunshot wound is on the wrong side to have left the blood on Cheryl's car. Holmes believes Bishop is disturbed and wanted to confess to the crime to get the Captain's attention. Holmes' deduction is proven correct when Bishop's blood doesn't match that at the crime scene.

S02E06-Watson Holmes Bishop shot
He's lost a lot of blood.
A man, Sam Clennon, is seen entering his home and is killed by a masked man. Clennon's body is examined in the Morgue where it's noted that he is ex-military, has several battle scars but the Captain doesn't know him. A security camera outside Clennon's shows the same masked man Cheryl described. Bell tells the Captain that a witness saw a blue pickup truck outside their house several times which he claims not to know. At the precinct, a perturbed Watson confronts Holmes, who solved the Basken case when he saw the file in the Brownstone. They're interrupted by Bell asks them to accompany him to Clennon's mother's house. Angry, the Captain confronts Cheryl at their house over the owner of the pickup truck, an old friend, who Cheryl confesses she had a date with. Cheryl reveals that she's tired of the Captain's long work hours, neglect of their relationship and the separation means they are free to see other people.

S02E06-At morgue
Shrapnel wounds are a bit of a giveaway.
At Mrs. Clennon's, she mentions that during Sam's last tour, he was attacked by a Jacob Esparza and that Sam's commanding officer was James Munroe. Holmes realizes that an app the intruder used displayed Gregson's house instead of his intended target, James Munroe. Informing the Captain, who is just leaving his house, he takes two officers to Munroe's house and finds him shot dead. Examining Munroe's autopsy report at the precinct, Bell and Watson tell the Captain about Esparza who is being brought in for questioning. Seeing a cue from the Captain, Holmes lingers behind and Gregson admits he thought about asking Holmes to look into the man Cheryl dated. He doesn't believe that their relationship is going to work out. Esparza is questioned in "the box", where he explains that while in Afghanistan, he stabbed Clennon in self-defense as he caught Clennon having an affair with a married woman. He's released after showing he has no bullet wound.

S02E06-James Munroe green
We need to locate Lieutenant Monroe...
Holmes discovers the woman Clennon was having an affair with, Beth Roney, was an archaeologist. Thinking that the affair wrecked her marriage and that she may have also been involved with Munroe, Holmes believes her ex is a suspect. Visiting Roney's, her dog barks and shows hostility to Holmes which Roney blames on the dog hating men. Informing her of Clennon's murder, she indicates that she was already divorcing her husband, Cameron, when she and Clennon were involved. She met Clennon when his unit was assigned as the security detail on a dig site at Mes Aynak. She was never involved with Munroe and her ex, Cameron, lives in Arizona with his girlfriend and she doesn't consider him a suspect.

S02E06-Holmes bowls at Roneys
I've been overseeing a dig in Kabul.
At the Brownstone, Watson is still miffed that Holmes solved Basken's case for her. She points out she has a lot of catching up to do to hone her skills to his level. Learning everything he can about Mes Aynak, Holmes finds that the excavation was being done hastily so that a large copper deposit under the site could be mined. He hypothesizes that artefacts may have been stolen from the dig. The next morning Holmes wakes Watson and reports that he's discovered that all excavation sites had a valuable bowl except for the one Roney was involved in with Munroe's detail providing security. They both remember that Roney had such a bowl in her home. Holmes believes that Roney and her accomplice killed Munroe and Clennon to increase their profit from the bowl's sale. With a warrant, they visit Roney's home where her dog barks at them. Roney is outraged at being accused of stealing from a dig but, the bowl is gone.

S02E06-Holmes wakes Watson
Tea, Tibetan fried bread. And the answer we're looking for.
Roney is held at the precinct but a search of her house doesn't turn up the bowl. Roney was supervising a dig via video and many archaeologists confirm she wasn't away from her computer for more than five minutes. Holmes believes the accomplice removed the bowl but without any evidence, Roney is released. At the Brownstone, a frustrated Holmes laments that Roney doesn't seem to have any acquaintances. He gives Watson a box of cases he hasn't been able to solve in order to increase her skills. Mentioning that her accomplice is a man and that Bell's canvassing of her neighbors revealed that no one visited her, Watson points out that Roney's dog would have barked if a man visited her. At Roney's house, her dog barks at Bell, Holmes and Watson as they inform her that they have an arrest warrant and that her accomplice is her ex-husband, Cameron.

S02E06-Roney's dog barks finale
You want to get your dog under control?
They discovered Cameron was in NYC and after locating him and pointing out the ease they could match his blood to that at the crime scene, he rolled on Roney and confessed they hoped to sell the bowl and other artefacts for over $1M. Holmes indicates that her dog was the catalyst for finding Cameron as her neighbors didn't hear her bark yet they knew her male accomplice had visited her to take the bowl. The dog didn't bark as she was used to Cameron. At the precinct, Holmes gives the Captain a background check on the man Cheryl dated. The Captain doesn't want it, so Holmes points out that Cheryl's date with a man that the Captain knew for years and didn't like may mean she was trying to get a reaction from him. Tommy brings Roney's dog to Cheryl as a present and vows to work on their relationship. (♫ Tom Odell - Heal ♫) At the Brownstone, Holmes watches as Watson opens the box of cases he hasn't been able to solve.

S02E06-Roney arrested
Roney arrested.



  • The running time of the director's cut of the episode is 43 minutes and 25 seconds.[1]
  • The dog that didn't bark is a plot element of one of Doyle's short stories, The Adventure of Silver Blaze.


An unnatural arrangement which forces its participants into an unhealthy monogamy.

— Holmes


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