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"Actually, it was she who initiated our dalliance. She's an aggressive and, I may say, limber woman, your friend. It was good."
— Holmes regarding Jennifer
On a remote road, a dead man is seen next to his crashed motorcycle. At a flea market, Watson and her friend Jennifer are shopping. Watson mentions that Holmes is bored, having no cases for weeks, and should introduce them one day. Hesitantly, Jennifer mentions she'd like to find a man she had a one-night stand with. She has few details about him other than his first name, Tony, and where they met. Watson demurs but Jennifer presses, having had a wonderful night and believing he might be special. At the Brownstone, Watson tells Holmes about Jennifer's request which he sees as demeaning. Pointing out that they are not busy, Holmes decides to find a case and takes Watson to the Morgue. Introducing her to Dr. Eugene Hawes, Holmes and Hawes play chess. Winning the game, Hawes gives Holmes access to the morgue's corpses. Hours later, Holmes comes upon the man who died in the motorcycle crash, Leo Banin. Holmes deduces that before Leo died, he killed someone.

S02E05-Holmes Hawes chess
My cash against your corpses.
At the 11th Precinct, Holmes and Watson inform Captain Gregson that Leo was a killer in Poland for the Russian mob before moving to NYC and becoming a retirement home nurse. His corpse displays wounds from garroting someone the day he died. However, without a victim, they have no case. Holmes and Watson visit Leo's wife, Lara, who knew about his past but says since he found God, he'd reformed. Leo's passion was opening his own nursing home. She doesn't believe he would kill anymore and doesn't know any suspects. Grievance cards Holmes took from Lara lead him to suspect a contractor, Travis Hardwick, Leo hired to build his nursing home. With Holmes' recrimination, Watson leaves to pursue a lead in finding Jennifer's dream man, Tony. She visits the bar Jennifer met Tony at and discovers she met him on day of the Brazilian Parade.

S02E05-Watson at bar
Half the parade ends up in here every year.
The next day, they visit Hardwick's office where his secretary reports that he although he hasn't been to work in three days, he texted her that he was visiting Jersey. From reading Hardwick's lips on a security video where he was arguing with Leo, Hardwick says he was pouring the concrete at Leo's nursing home the day Leo was killed. Visiting the nursing home site, Watson believes Hardwick may be buried under the concrete but from examining Hardwick's pickup truck, Holmes finds him in a local hotel with prostitutes. Relieved that he isn't being arrested, he says that the argument was due to lack of funding for the nursing home. Although Leo gave him $25,000 he procured from a loan shark, it wasn't enough to move forward, so Hardwick decided to party with the money. Hardwick doesn't know who the loan shark was so Holmes takes the remaining money.

S02E05-Watson and Hardwick
Party till Chapter 11, baby.
At the precinct, Detective Bell confirms with an FBI contact that the loan shark's money is from a bank robbery in 2001. Half the stolen money was never recovered and a Russell Gertz is the prime suspect though he's disappeared. At the Brownstone, Holmes discovers that Gertz's sister owns a nail salon in an industrial area which he believes Gertz uses as his office. Excited to leave for the salon, he finds Watson about to watch a news tape showing the Brazilian Parade day at the bar. Unable to dissuade her, he admits that he is Tony. Shocked, she follows him to the kitchen where he explains that when she first started as his sober companion, he would follow her when she left for errands. Hoping to learn more about her, he saw her with Jennifer and passed himself off as Tony. He claims Jennifer seduced him and that once he found Watson's intentions as his sober companion were honorable, he stopped surveilling her. Watson finds it difficult to accept his apology so he proposes they discuss a solution on the way to Gertz's.

011 Ancient History episode still of Joan Watson and Sherlock Holmes
I was wasting my time and you knew it.
Finding Gertz at the salon, he denies he is a loan shark or knowing Leo. After Holmes points out that he keeps his money in an autoclave and threatens to tell the police his whereabouts, Gertz admits that he loaned Leo the $25,000. Noting bruising on Gertz's arm, Holmes has to threaten him again until Gertz admits that he was visited by a Russian mobster who was looking for Leo but, he had no info on Leo's whereabouts. Leaving, Holmes calls Bell and tells Watson they need to examine the site of Leo's motorcycle accident as he believes the Russian mob killed him. At the accident scene, Holmes finds Russian cigarette butts and shells from a pistol leading him to believe Leo was shot at and this caused his fatal accident. CSU finds the body of the mobster who visited Gertz, leaving them wondering who killed him and shot at Leo. At the precinct, Gregson informs Holmes that Leo stole money from the Russian mob before emigrating to the US and the shells match a pistol used to murder a witness against the mob.

S02E05-With Andrev corpse
The crash that killed him was no accident.
Watson and Bell visit Lara who is relieved to learn that Leo was killed in self-defense. However, Dr. Hawes calls Holmes to report that the dead mobster, Gregori Andrev, was garroted with a wire that same thickness as the wounds on Leo's hands. From the toxicology report, Andrev was on medication that indicates he was seeing a psychiatrist. Waiting at the office of Andrev's psychiatrist, Dr. Glassman, Holmes suggests to Watson that she tell Jennifer that her persona "Tony" died to spare her any heartbreak. Glassman's receptionist refuses to let them see him so Holmes threatens suicide, forcing their admittance. After explaining the circumstances and Andrev's murder to Glassman, he admits to unwillingly treating Andrev and says that he mentioned that a Marko Zukhov carried out his hits. Visiting Zukhov in bulletproof vests, they discover that he was in hospital when Leo and Andrev were killed, having been stabbed in the leg.

S02E05-Marko Zubkov
I was mugged by a guy with a knife.
At the Brownstone, Watson returns having confirmed Zukhov's story and obtained the police report of his stabbing. Holmes again raises the "dead Tony" approach to sparing Jennifer's feelings which brings a rebuke from Watson. Holmes looks at the report and seeing the tourniquet that was used on Zuhkov's leg, he believes there were two murder attempts on Leo. At the precinct, Lara is shown a picture of Zukhov and is asked inane questions of his appearance which she nods yes to. She doesn't notice Zukhov has been watching her outside the meeting room until he gets up. Feinting ignorance of his identity, Holmes says that she saved his life when she arranged for him to kill Leo. However, Leo was able to stab Zukhov in the leg and flee. Lara arrived and used the drapes in her home to tourniquet Zukhov's leg. Leo then called her to report the murder attempt. She arranged for Andrev to lie in wait when she met Leo, but he strangled him and fled on motorcycle, so Lara shot at him, resulting in his fatal accident.

S02E05-Lara Banin gun green
You missed, but the shots fired were enough to cause the crash.
Lara fakes outrage but when Holmes tells her they found bullet holes and cleaned blood stains in her home, she claims the mobsters committed all the acts without her involvement. After it's pointed out how unbelievable it is that she never noticed the repairs and cleaning in her home, Gregson gives her a choice to either tell the truth or she'll be released to take her chances with Zukhov. Lara admits that when Leo discovered she had make porn movies when she lived in Poland, he wanted a divorce, despite his past as a killer. Feeling outrage and knowing there was a price on his head for his theft from the mob, she called Zukhov. Later, Watson meets Jennifer to let her know that Tony was Holmes but she already knows. Holmes explained everything to her and so impressed, she slept with him again. However, Jennifer is totally over Holmes. At the Brownstone as Holmes practices with Bob, Watson unsuccessfully tries to scare Holmes that he's impregnated Jennifer.

Actually, I came on to him.


  • Dr. Eugene Hawes debuts.
  • This episode was produced as the second episode of the second season, but was pushed back for unknown reasons.


Alive. Again. Why can't anyone be dead today?

— Holmes


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