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If anyone could take two slugs to the back and pull through, it's Andre. He's a stubborn bastard.

— Marcus, "Details"

Andre Bell is the older brother of Marcus Bell. He is an ex-con and had a troubled relationship with Marcus.


Season 1[]

After Marcus is shot at in his car, he visits Andre's apartment to bring him some groceries. Andre offers to reach out to his old gang members to find out who the shooter was which angers Marcus as it would be a violation of Andre's parole. Andre insists that as the older brother he should be looking out for Marcus. Later, Marcus visits Andre at the restaurant he works at and discovers Andre did contact one of his gang and provides a suspect which the police already knew about. Marcus is angry but tries to relate to Andre's situation which brings resentment and a mild threat. When Holmes discovers Marcus is being framed for murder, Marcus calls Andre to the 11th Precinct. A clue at the murder scene matches boots Marcus gave Andre so he asks Andre if he's behind the murder and the car shooting. Enraged, Andre punches Marcus and is almost arrested until Marcus calls off the officers who intervene.

S01E16-Bells argue
Things been bad between us.
Ashamed that he accused Andre of shooting at him, Marcus goes to Andre's apartment to apologize. Andre doesn't answer though Marcus can hear the TV on. Suspicious, Marcus enters and discovers Andre on the floor, shot in the back and bleeding but still alive. He calls an ambulance and notices that in his own blood, Andre has written "NOT MARCUS" on the floor. While in the hospital with Holmes and Watson, Holmes is able to deduce who is behind the frame-up and shootings. While in recovery, Andre and Marcus watch the arrest on TV. Marcus asks why Andre wrote the message even though he didn't see the shooter. Andre says he knew Marcus wouldn't have shot him and that family needs to look out for each other.[1]

S01E16-Marcus and Andre
Be advised, the victim is my brother.

S01E16-Andre in hospital
But I did know. I know you.


  • In 2017, Holmes asks Marcus about Andre who replies that Andre is doing fine and is law-abiding. Holmes then asks the likelihood that Andre would revert back to a life of crime if he was put in prison on a parole violation unjustly. Marcus admits it would take Andre "about 10 seconds".[2]


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