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It's not how I wanted to meet you.

— Andrew to Sherlock, "Just a Regular Irregular"

Andrew Mittal was Joan Watson's ex-boyfriend. He was a software engineer who lived in Watson's building.


Season 3[]

Watson meets Andrew when he was living in his brother's apartment near to Watson's apartment. He misplaced his brother's lizard which Watson helped him find. He asks how he can repay her and she gives him her business card and leaves for a meeting.[1] Andrew meets Holmes at Watson's as he is coming out of the bathroom with no pants on. Holmes comments that Watson appears adequately sexed by him.[2]

Andrew paek s03e03
I swear I usually wear pants.
When investigating an AI case, Holmes asks for Andrew's help which puts him in contact with many intelligent people with computer skills. Watson thinks Holmes is trying to find out about Andrew but he claims innocence. This puts Andrew in contact with a future business partner that requires him to spend significant time in Denmark, much to Watson's disappointment. However, she surprises him by flying to Denmark with him to spend the first few days of his trip there with him.[3] When Andrew returns from Denmark, Watson has dinner with Andrew and his father, Santhosh, which goes perfectly but makes her realize that she doesn't want a conventional relationship. Days later, she invites Andrew to a coffee shop to break up with him. Andrew drinks a latte, meant for Watson, that was poisoned with hemlock by an assassin hired by Elana Marsh and dies.[4]

S03E13-Santhosh Watson Andrew
You're remarkable.

S03E13-Andrew dies
Andrew's death.

S03E13-Andrew dies sky shot
Andrew's death.


  • IMDb incorrectly lists the character name as Andrew Paek.
  • Raza Jaffrey, the actor who played Andrew, is married to Lara Pulver, the actress who played Irene Adler in the BBC adaptation of Sherlock.[5]


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