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I'll tell them nothing Mr. Holmes. I'm a patriot. Always will be.

— Gephardt, "Fidelity"

Anson Gephardt is an agent of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).


Season 5[]

While investigating a string of deaths related to a case he and Kitty worked on in London years previously, Holmes realizes that a man he saw at a men's club where he met the case's defendant may be behind the deaths. After hearing from the latest victim's wife that a man smiled at her in front of her house just before she left and her husband died of a heart attack, Holmes draws a sketch of the man but can't identify him. Later at the Brownstone, Holmes discovers soldiers carting off its contents as evidence and then the man he sketched appears and places Holmes under arrest. He identifies himself as Agent Gephardt of the DIA and won't say what Holmes is under arrest for.[1]

S05E15-Gephardt green
The assassin was at the club.
Gephardt tries to intimidate Holmes in an interrogation room. He admits to killing four people that were involved in the case he and Kitty solved and tells Holmes to drop his investigation as it is a "national security matter." He threatens to tie Holmes to some of Morland's shady business dealings which will result in permanent incarceration. Holmes is dropped off in Washington Square, hands tied and hooded. Holmes and Watson discover that the people Gephardt killed witnessed a lawyer speaking of a future bombing in Venezuela that was part of a plot to obtain the "Fidel Files", a treasure trove of intelligence.

S05E16-Gephardt interrogates Holmes
I didn't bring you here to kill you.
Gephardt posts the files on the internet, says he's in Jakarta which Watson knows isn't true and, adds a video that wasn't in the files of a nuclear bomb program in Iran. Several federal agencies find Gephardt at his mother's house and he is shot twice in the shoulder. Holmes confronts Gephardt in the house about the hoax video which Gephardt glibly denies. He believes that starting a war with Iran is his patriotic duty. The FBI ejects Holmes and the NYPD but not before Holmes realizes from the name of a dog in the house that Gephardt made the bomb video in his mother's basement. He presents this evidence to NSA Agent Dean McNally and several other intelligence agencies and media outlets.[2]

S05E16-Gephardt shot
Now who's going to believe that?


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