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You know who Jack the Ripper is?

— Athena to Holmes, "Hemlock"

Athena and Minerva are paramours of Sherlock Holmes that are usually seen together.


Season 3[]

With Kitty Winter having left for London, Holmes finds life at the Brownstone lonely, having gotten used to having someone living there. Athena and Minerva visit and while lounging in front of the fire on the "sex blanket", Holmes talks to Athena about the Black Dahlia case. He's unable to get an opinion from Athena concerning his hypothesis so wakes up Minerva who is equally uninterested in the murder. Both appear interested in further "matters of the flesh".[1]

S03E13-Athena Minerva Holmes by fire
Can we do something besides talk about murder?

Season 4[]

In the wake of beating Oscar Rankin and relapsing, Holmes requires a diversion. He uses Athena and Minerva to recreate a 1927 murder scene involving two women, hoping that he'll be able to solve it. While examining the scene, Athena's phone rings, disturbing Holmes' thoughts. Minerva complains that the recreation isn't fun so Sherlock asks for their indulgence as this may be his last action before he is charged with assault and jailed. Joan Watson then calls, disturbing Holmes further.[2]

S04E01-Athena Minerva bloody
But usually when you call us we have fun.

Season 6[]

Athena helps Holmes with a case involving a strangling death in the courtyard of a Moroccan palace. Holmes believes the killer was camouflaged with body paint in the same pattern as the courtyard's tiles. As such, Athena and a new playmate, Sophia, are painted in the same manner but with different paint types, under heat lamps. Sophia's paint begins to streak, eliminating it from the suspect pool which is convenient as she has to pee.[3]

S06E17-Holmes Athena Sophia
That mean we're done?
Athena provides a "potent distraction" for Holmes while he solves a cold case from 1926 in Sheepshead Bay. Holmes contacts Watson using a telepresence device and Athena greets Watson. Later, after Holmes critisizes Harland Emple for maintaining a long crush on a student who Holmes deems is unattainable for Emple, Watson points out that Holmes is doing the same thing by comparing every woman to Jamie Moriarty. She also believes Holmes is lonely and misses having a real relationship since he broke up with Fiona Helbron. As a result, Holmes asks Athena out on their first date which she accepts.[4]

I love a good experiment.


  • As Watson prepares to spend an evening watching "The Godfather 1 and 2", Holmes leaves to see Athena and Minerva.[5]


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