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"You seem like an intelligent man. Watson thinks you have potential. I hate to see you fumble away your current opportunity."
— Holmes to Shinwell
Finishing dinner with Clyde at the Brownstone, Lin Wen tells Watson that she saw Shinwell with a former gang member in violation of his parole. At night, two men with parachutes, Mark Trenchman and Bennett Nealy, prepare to jump off a skyscraper. Bennett dedicates the jump to "Arturo" and as they both jump, a sniper hits Bennett with two shots and he plummets to the ground. The next morning at the scene, Detective Bell shows Holmes where the sniper shot from and that Bennett had a beaded bracelet that was smashed. A witness saw Trenchman land safely and flee the scene. Searching in nearby shrubbery, Holmes discovers that Bennett's pilot chute, that would deploy his main chute, had the cord cut and that if he hadn't been shot, he would have died from the fall. At the 11th Precinct, Bennett's very pregnant wife Roz has no idea who the sniper is nor who cut Bennett's chute.

S05E07-Bell Holmes crime scene
He's done base jumps all over the world.
Providing an alibi and that she sent Bennett many messages asking him to not jump, she says his cameraman who jumped with him was Mark Trenchman. The jump was dedicated to Arturo Alzado, who died in a jump with them both and, for which they both blamed each other. At the Brownstone, Holmes watches videos of Bennett and Trenchman's jumps and noting that Trenchman had a very expensive camera that is wi-fi equipped, police are able to ping it and locate him. At the precinct, as Lin goes through mug shots to identify who Shinwell met with, Trenchman denies cutting Bennett's chute and indicates they'd settled their differences over Arturo's death. He fled as he feared the sniper would shoot him next and names a suspect. At West Point, Bell and Holmes question Arturo's sister, Eliza. Showing them a sniper rifle she uses in competitions, she explains how it would be impossible to leave the campus and shoot Bennett.

S05E07-Trenchman in box
Why would I keep the tape, preserving the evidence of my own crime?
Indicating that Bennett had made things right with her family, he also promised to finish a book Arturo was writing on his life that was to be made into a screenplay. The finished screenplay would have provided for Arturo's children and left them his legacy so Eliza would never have killed Bennett before it was completed. She also offers the rifle to see if the bullets match those that killed Bennett. At the Brownstone, Holmes reviews the draft of Arturo's book in which Bennett's in a picture with a number of ex-soldiers, working as security contractors, in front of a huge pallet of money in Iraq. Finding no indications Bennett had taken the money, Watson has found that he was part of an elite Air Force commando unit, the "Hell Jumpers", as were a number of the contractors in the photo. Seeing he'd recently been sent $500K, they speculate that Bennett blackmailed some of the ex-Hell Jumpers who may have taken some of the money and was killed because of it.

S05E07-With Alzado
Looks like the perfect weapon to shoot a man out of the sky.
Later at the Brownstone, Theodore, a veteran who owns a helicopter service Holmes has used, indicates that Bennett's smashed bracelet is from Afghanistan. Showing him the photo, Holmes asks for Theodore's help in identifying the men in exchange for naming a woman who is interested in him. After Lin identifies the man Shinwell met with as Laquan "Tall Boy" Eversley, Watson meets with him at the precinct and tells him to stay away from Shinwell. Tall Boy says that it was Shinwell that initiated their meeting and she should sermonize him. One of the men in the photo, Declan Boyle, arrives at the Brownstone where Holmes accuses him of taking the money in Iraq. Boyle says he and the others took a small amount which he used to become rich by lending it at high interest rates. Boyle lent Bennett the $500K and was receiving $10K a month interest from him, so had no motive to kill Bennett. He tells Holmes what Bennett did with the loan.

S05E07-Theodore and Holmes
If someone was smitten with me, I think I would know.
At a hangar, Holmes and Watson examine a skydiving plane that Bennett purchased. Telling Holmes that the meeting with Tall Boy didn't go well, Bell arrives and reports that Bennett had a partner, Chet Polian, who flew the plane for skydiving tours. Noticing the tours were advertised as happening in Canada, Holmes opens the cargo hold and finding seats installed, they realize Bennett was smuggling people. At the precinct, Holmes and Watson show Captain Gregson their findings and that someone was using Polian's license without his knowledge. Bell interrupts and showing them security footage of the hangar, they see a man and a woman leaving the hangar and entering a car. Bell indicates that a fellow officer who served in Afghanistan identified the man as Taliban warlord Qadir Durrani. Bell finds the car driver and is able to get him to reveal where he drove the Durranis to.

S05E07-Looking into plane
Bennett wasn't smuggling drugs.
Surprising Shinwell while he's playing chess at a park, Holmes cautions him about getting involved with his old gang and ruining opportunities Watson has provided him with. At the precinct, Qadir and Nazria Durrani are questioned and are reluctant to reveal where their son Marjan and daughter Zohala are located, fearing they'll all be deported. Nazria speaks for her husband and explains that he was a village chief who was forced to switch sides between the Taliban and NATO forces as the tide of war dictated. Indicating the Taliban wanted them dead, forcing them to flee, they had no motive to kill Bennett as he was supposed to fly other relatives into the US soon. Qadir indicates that Bennett and his pilot fought and they're willing to provide a description of the pilot for a sketch artist. At the airport, Bell, Holmes and Watson show pilot Gordie Kasdan that he matches the sketch and was Bennett's pilot.

S05E07-With Durranis
Maybe one of you was covering your tracks.
Claiming Bennett filed the flight plan and he didn't know what was in the cargo hold, Kasdan provides an alibi for when Bennett was killed, but admits to cutting his chute. Saying he was being cut out of smuggling profits, Holmes asks to see the back of Kasdan's hands and accuses him of lying about cutting Bennett's chute. At the precinct, Bennett's wife Roz is told by Holmes that he's deduced that Kasdan is her father. Admitting to cutting the chute, she found texts between Bennett and a woman named Jaan, promising he'd leave Roz. After telling her father she'd cut the chute, she had a change of heart but couldn't get Bennett to stop the jump. Holmes tells Bell and Watson that he believes he knows who the sniper is, that he was also motivated to kill Bennett because of the affair and will strike again. Qadir and Nazria are shown the bracelet beads found at the scene of Bennett's murder and asked if they recognize them.

S05E07-Questioning Kasdan
Let's just say you're a person of interest.
Told the bracelet belonged to their daughter Zohala and "Jaan" is Pashto for "beloved", Bennett was killed by their son Marjan for having an affair with Zohala. Indicating that Zohala ran away and that Marjan is likely to kill her for dishonoring their family, they provide Marjan's cell phone number so his location can be found. Bell and an ESU team find Marjan targeting Zohala with a rifle outside an Islamic shelter and are able to disarm and arrest him. At the precinct, Qadir and Nazria see their son under arrest and Zohala is returned to them safely. At Shinwell's apartment, Shinwell tells Watson to stop interfering in his life. (♫ The Bones of J.R. Jones - Dreams to Tell ♫) Saying she doesn't know everything that's going on with him, and that's she's not safe when she's with him, he overturns a table and yells that she's to leave and not come back.

S05E07-Marjan arrested
Your parents sent us. They want you to live.


  • The Bones of J.R. Jones - Dreams to Tell plays at episode end as Shinwell tells Watson to leave him alone and get out of his apartment.


  • Theodore is revealed to be Holmes' friend who owns a helicopter service and surveilled NYC's ports to find a ship registered from Tuvalu[1] and flew Holmes to the cabin of Russell Cole.[2]
  • Holmes understand Pashto in this episode.


So all we would have to do is look for four men trained to survive behind enemy lines, move without detection and kill without compunction. How hard could that be?

— Holmes



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