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"That woman would never have walked out of here alive if you hadn't spotted Decker. Take a minute and let that sink in."
— Gregson complimenting Holmes
Preparing breakfast, Preeda Boonark glumly watches Ryan Decker enter the kitchen dancing to a song. (♫ Engelbert Humperdinck - Quando Quando Quando ♫) Saying he has a breakfast meeting, at the auction house where he works, he attaches a leash anchored to the ceiling to a collar around her neck and dances away. While with Captain Gregson at the auction house arresting a Mr. Charles for murder, Holmes sees that Decker is nervous. Reading Decker's lips while he's on the phone and seeing Decker threaten a woman, Holmes excuses himself and bumping into Decker, he pickpockets his phone. He sees a video on the phone of Preeda being forced to dance for Decker while leashed to the ceiling. Decker grabs him from behind and putting Decker in a choke hold, Holmes demands to know where he's holding her. As Gregson comes upon the scene, Holmes gives Decker back his phone, claims he made a mistake and watches Decker leave.

S05E11-Decker struggle
What the hell's going on here?
At the Brownstone, Watson is frustrated with Shinwell's lack of progress in his training to be a confidential informant (CI) to bring down his former gang, SBK. Holmes arrives and relating the situation with Decker, tells Watson to get ready to leave. Explaining that when on the phone, Decker told an accomplice to "take care of" Preeda, he gathers tools and prepares to head to Decker's house without telling police, as without probable cause, they'd stop him from investigating. Breaking into Decker's house, Holmes and Watson see that no one's been there for a week. Finding no evidence where he might be holding Preeda, but noticing Decker painted bad art of beach scapes, Holmes finds bootlegged copies of movies on CDs. After explaining the situation to Gregson and planting the CDs in Decker's garbage where Holmes "finds" them, Decker is brought to the 11th Precinct.

S05E11-Holmes Mannequin CD
I found a copy of Mannequin.
Telling Decker about the CDs and that he's going to be made an example of, he jovially denies any wrong-doings including holding captives. Claiming to have lost his phone after turning it off, Gregson says he'll be held as long as possible while they search for his captive. Having looked through the missing persons files without finding the captive Holmes saw on the phone, Holmes plans to talk to Decker's friends while Watson visits Decker's ex-wife, Carrie Traub. Meeting Traub at her office, where she works for ICE, she loathes Decker and doesn't know who his accomplice would be. When they were married, Decker worked for ICE as a systems manager but quit when they divorced. After Watson wonders if Decker still has access to ICE's database, Traub arranges for Mason to look at their security. At the Brownstone, Holmes tells Watson that Mason reported ICE's security was superb and Decker has no access.

S05E11-Decker in box
I feel like I'm in a bad dream.
While looking through ICE's database and discussing Shinwell's disappointing progress, Holmes recognizes Preeda as the Decker's captive. She's been missing since she walked off the cruise ship she worked on five years previously. Seeing that a Ms. Vee filed Preeda's missing persons report, she's brought to the precinct where she expresses her frustration with the lack of progress finding Preeda to Detective Bell and Holmes. Insisting Preeda was taken, she names a mechanic on the cruise ship, Darnell Langston, as a strong suspect. Looking into Langston's lengthy criminal file, Bell notes many instances where he exploited immigrants and that he's a fugitive, having skipped bail on a criminal charge. After asking Shinwell to help find Langston, he arrives at the Brownstone and tells Watson that he's likely with relatives in New Jersey.

S05E11-Questioning Ms Vee
He always lurked around the women.
Rebuking Shinwell for his lack of progress in his training, he says he's been busy setting up a deal with a drug supplier that will gain him access to SBK's highest leadership. While Watson expresses concern that he doesn't yet have the skills for this, Shinwell assures her he'll be fine. With a NJ detective, Bell and Holmes apprehend Langston at his uncle's house but looking at some work clothes, Holmes says he's not Decker's accomplice. At the precinct, Holmes shows Bell and Gregson video of Langston working on a fishing boat when Decker made the call at the auction house. Gregson reports that he's obtained a warrant to surveil Decker but they'll need to release him. Offering Decker a deal if he'll confess and give up his accomplice, he teases Gregson and Holmes and leaves. Shinwell meets the drug supplier, Diego, but watching him carefully, doesn't come to a deal with him.

S05E11-Decker gloats
You guys have a good night. I know I will.
At the Brownstone, depressed that Decker's release may result in Preeda's death, Gregson calls with more bad news, police tailing Decker lost him. At the precinct, Gregson shows Holmes and Watson a map of the area that police lost Decker. Remembering the art of beach scapes Decker painted, Holmes suggests police narrow their search to the shoreline. The next morning, a detective shows Gregson, Holmes and Watson that a large bloodstain was found on a beach. Fearing the blood is Preeda's, Holmes searches the area and finds a set of keys. Holmes recognizes the keys are Decker's and from etching on one of the keys, indicating a P.O. box, they're able to find the address of the house and confirm Decker as the P.O. box owner. An ESU team breaks into the house but find Benita Sakda, who Decker has kept captive for two months. Seeing a fridge full of food, Holmes realizes that Decker's phone call to his accomplice was to bring Sakda food and not kill her.

S05E11-At Beach
Lot of blood. Dogs went nuts.
Noticing a brand of soy milk in the fridge, Sakda tells Watson that Decker used to bring another kind. Watson recognizes it matches the soy milk that Traub uses at her office. Speculating that Traub is Decker's accomplice and that prints on the milk will prove it, Traub's house is assaulted by an ESU team who find her about to set it on fire. Arrested and put into a squad car, she refuses to give Decker's location. Hearing banging from the trunk of Traub's car, Preeda is found unharmed inside. In "the box" at the precinct, Traub is told that the blood on the beach was Ryan's. Having looked into her work at ICE, they've found she used the agency's information to abduct other women, some when she and Decker were married. Refusing to provide any information, she says they'll never find Decker's body. Holmes says she and Decker can both rot. At the Brownstone, Shinwell's training is going much better and he shows Watson that it helped him discover that Diego was trying to rip him off. (♫ Layup - People Are Human ♫)

S05E11-Traub arrested
It's over now. Tell us where he is.



  • Holmes has a rare Midnight Ranger action figure delivered as payment to Mason.[1]
  • Watson mentions some of Holmes' past techniques to help his deductive abilities such as hanging from gravity boots[2] and playing thrash metal.[3]


Not nice being imprisoned, is it? I hope you had occasion to ponder your future under lock and key, living in fear of the next sexual assault. Rarely is justice so fitting as it will be in your case.

— Holmes to Decker



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