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She was standing two feet from me. All right? That's her. No doubt.

— Charles to the Detectives, "Solve for X"

Benny Charles is a street mugger and later a crucial witness to shootings committed by math professor Tanya Barrett, being shot and nearly killed by Barrett himself.


Season 2[]

Charles is first seen holding up a man in a suit at knifepoint, demanding for all his money. When the man gives him his wallet and says "Please, I don't want any trouble", Charles just responds by striking his face with the butt of the switchblade, sending him backward. While counting the man's cash walking through an alley near a home, he hear shots and sees a man, Felix Soto, being murdered through the window. The shooter comes out, and Charles realizes she sees him. He holds up his hands and says "Please, I don't want any trouble!" just before being shot for his troubles. He ended up in a coma, but he soon wakes up, ready to testify to the shooting. He insists with the detectives on a better word to the D.A., but when they say he should say who the shooter is before she kills someone else, he describes Barrett perfectly. Shown a photo, he confirms it's her, despite she has an alibi, but thanks to the ID, it's soon confirmed, she really is the killer. Charles isn't seen again after that.[1]

S02E02 Benny Charles Near Shot
Please! I don't want any trouble!

S02E02 Benny Charles Hospital
Look man, I'm just saying, why don't you talk to the D.A.?


  1. Season 2, episode 2: "Solve for X"