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He told us about the bowl you stole and a few other artifacts, how you thought you could get over a million dollars for them.

— Joan Watson to Beth Roney, "An Unnatural Arrangement"

Beth Roney is an artifact curator who's later revealed to have secretly procured several artifacts for herself to sell on the black market. When she was closed in on, she conspired with her ex to eliminate the problems, with a mistake that endangered Cheryl Gregson, the ex-wife of Captain Thomas Gregson, inciting his wrath once it was assumed they both were targeted instead.


Season 2[]

Cheryl Gregson walks into her home late at night talking with one of her daughters on the phone, cutting the call off once finished and turning to see a masked burglar holding her at gunpoint and demanding the location of "her husband". She distracts the attacker with her panic button, running up into her office and locking the door while be shot after. She grabs her own gun on reserve and shoots through the door, wounding the assailant in the shoulder and causing the assailant to retreat and escape. When brushing the car as the attacker makes it out, taking off his mask while he runs, Cheryl calls the cops, telling them about the attack and to warn her husband. A witness named James Munroe, ironically like the fifth president because his father had an autobiography when he was born, said he heard the shots, saw the guy running, and that he had dark hair. Cheryl, comforted by Captain Gregson, gives a better description, tall, average weight, Glock handgun, saying she'd definitely recognize his voice. The captain stays clear from taking point, but insists on pressing for evidence and being kept in the loop.

After a false lead with a stalker the captain had and proving the evidence doesn't match, Sam Clennon is shot dead instantly by the same intruder in his home. Gregson says he's never seen him before, and when they go and interview his mother with their condolences, she says a man gave him a stab wound found in the morgue from an altercation from a "traumatized" soldier, Jacob Esparza. When she mentions Clennon served under Munroe in Afghanistan, and when Holmes finds out an app named "Maps Earth" gave the Gregson address, he warns the captain Monroe's the intended target. Gregson goes with two other officers to Monroe's house, but he's already dead as well, having been shot the same night as Clennon to fix the errors in his attempts.

S02E06 Cameron Roney
He was already inside when I came home, and I, I don't even know how he got in.

S02E06 Cameron Clennon
He comes back here, where he's supposed to be safe, and gets killed in his own home.

Esparza's picked up and questioned, saying the report was faked and what really happened was when his fiance was cheating on him while he was stationed, Clennon had an affair with a married woman, and Esparza took it personally enough to confront him over it. He says Clennon came at him and Esparza defended himself, shamelessly admitting he hates the two dead men even in death. But he's proven to not be the killer when he has none of the gunshots Cheryl fired after taking off his shirt. They track the woman Clennon was sleeping with, archaeologist Elizabeth Roney, who goes by Beth when they meet her. Her dog barks at them, and she calls him off saying he hates men. When they tell her they came to see her and that they're police, they tell her the crimes, which she's "shocked" over. She elaborates she started the "affair" with Clennon when she was over seeing a dig in an archaeological site where Clennon was station. But she and her ex-husband, Cameron Hecht, were already in divorce proceedings, having begun to mail him back his things when she came back, even before the divorce was even official. He speaks of him as a better man than a killer, saying he didn't even know about Clennon.

S02E06 Roney Dog Men
Yeah, technically, we were married, but we weren't a couple.
But she's sooner suspected when a bowl from the dig site is revealed to be one openly placed in her office, realizing she had a partner because she has an alibi and doesn't match a description of the killer. She's served a search warrant for the bowl and taken into custody, but the bowl's nowhere to be found. She set up a conference call with colleagues and stepped away for five minutes so the killer could pick up the bowl discreetly and personally to leave little evidence. She's released, but they realize something that gives her partner away: despite being a man, neighbors said when he visited, nothing was unusual-not even her dog barking, who hates men. They confront her and despite her trying to chase them away and her dog, Gotham, again barking, they confront with the killer's identity: her ex-husband Hecht all along. She stole more artifacts than the bowl, Hecht being her partner to sell them on the black market. When Clennon and Munroe were liabilities on being discovered, she had Hecht kill them both to cover her tracks. But he was found out to be in New York, and when they found him, his bullet wounds, and his matching blood, he confessed and gave Roney up. Roney's them promptly arrested, and Gotham, with a ham sandwich to keep him from fighting, is taken to Cheryl by Gregson so he has a place to stay.[1]

S02E06 Roney Final Word
We had the right man the other day, just wrong motive.


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