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"I feel that I have thrived here, not because of who I am, but because of who I have come to know. I don't really wish to give that up until I'm ready."
— Holmes to Watson
Early in the morning, on the rooftop of the Brownstone, Sherlock and Mycroft joust with single sticks. Sherlock winning, Mycroft comments on the view but touts London as the better city. He implores Sherlock to have dinner with him at Diogenes before he returns home. As a package delivery man greets a pet groomer, the groomer hears a loud bang. Not seeing the source of the noise, the groomer dismisses it. The delivery man drives away and a dead woman is seen on top of his truck. Later, his truck is a crime scene and is examined near the river. Watson points out the woman was stabbed before she fell, while Sherlock examines the truck's interior. With the driver's help, he's able to determine where the woman fell on the truck from the paint chips that fell on the packages. Outside the woman's apartment, Watson points out to Detective Bell a balcony that is missing a tree that all the rest have.

S02E08-Sherlock Mycroft joust
The egg was your innovation, I take it?
Watson's deduction proves correct and from her ID, the dead woman is identified as Haley Tyler from Texas. From her belongings, Sherlock believes that Haley was someone's mistress and she'd recently moved to NYC. Bell learns from the building management that the owner of the apartment is a billionaire tech tycoon named Ian Gale. At the "Galeforce" offices, Ian's lawyer Alan Becker greets them, claims that Ian is unavailable and that he can't reveal his relationship to Haley. When pressed why Gale can't speak to them in person, he shows a video of Ian in Kuala Lumpur. Holmes deduces that the man in the video is an imposter and after he accuses Ian of killing Haley, Becker ends the meeting. The next morning, Mycroft wakes Watson asking that she ensure that Sherlock meet him that evening for dinner, having missed it the previous night. As Watson reminds Sherlock of dinner and that she can work on the case while he goes, he indicates that he's found Ian's whereabouts.

S02E08-Watson Holmes Bell Becker
Did Miss Tyler threaten to go public?
One of Sherlock's contacts, a chef in a high-end hotel, has discovered an entire floor has been booked for a month under a pseudonym for "Gale." In exchange for moose cheese, Sherlock gets an access card to the floor. Confronted by private security guards, they are admitted to a large suite filled with medical staff and equipment. In a hospital bed, Ian Gale greets them and introduces his wife Natalie. His body rejecting a transplanted heart, Ian is dying. His location and condition have been kept secret to prevent his company's stock from falling. He also indicates that Haley is his estranged daughter and came to NYC to donate her blood as he has a very rare type. Ian paid Haley's mother to disappear and ashamed of keeping her out of his life and her death, he asks Sherlock and Watson to find her killer.

S02E08-Ian Gale
I'm too much of a fighter for my own good.
At the 11th Precinct, Captain Gregson informs them that Gale's company is fulling co-operating with the police. Receiving a text that the autopsy on Haley is complete, Sherlock is dissuaded from going to the Morgue by Watson as he'll miss dinner with Mycroft. Watson meets Dr. Hawes at the Morgue and believes that Haley was stabbed by someone with medical training. Haley's mother Maureen arrives to view the body and says she knows who killed her. At dinner, Mycroft gives Sherlock the keys to 221B Baker St. in London. Touched, Sherlock indicates he doesn't need his old home as he has a new one in NYC. Mycroft warns him that their father is unhappy that Sherlock hasn't returned to London and that he may evict him from the Brownstone and cut off his trust fund. Reminding Sherlock that Watson depends on him financially, Mycroft implores him to consider returning to London.

S02E08-Hawes Watson
The alternative's dumb luck.
At the precinct, Bell and Watson meet with Maureen's suspect, Natalie Gale. They note that Ian's will was changed to give Haley a large sum that would have gone to Natalie and that she was missing from Ian's room when Haley was murdered. When Watson points out Natalie was a doctor and had the medical knowledge to have fatally stabbed her, Natalie threatens a law suit and indicates that the will change was her idea. She facilitated Haley's blood donation and if Haley died, the money would go to her mother, not her. At the Brownstone, Watson tells Sherlock of Natalie's lack of motive for killing Haley and that Gale's company isn't co-operating with them anymore. Bell calls to report that fingerprints at Haley's apartment match a past boyfriend of hers, Ray McKibben, who has an outstanding arrest warrant. Believing he can locate McKibben, Sherlock and Watson return to Haley's apartment.

004 Blood Is Thicker episode still of Joan Watson, Marcus Bell and Natalie Gale
I did go out for a couple of hours yesterday.
At Haley's, Sherlock tells Watson of the predicament he learned from Mycroft and asks how she would feel about moving to London with him. Realizing he's thrived in NYC with the support of various people there, he doesn't want to leave. Watson agrees and indicates that they'll find another residence if evicted from the Brownstone. Using Haley's DVR, Sherlock finds a horse racing show has been programmed, most likely by McKibben, including a race that afternoon. Given his arrest warrant, it's likely he'd make bets in person instead of on-line. In "the box" at the precinct, McKibben has been captured and is adamant he didn't kill Haley. He insists he was out getting medicine for a flu Haley had when she was pushed off the balcony and, fled when he realized he'd be the prime suspect. Watson asks about Haley's flu which McKibben indicates she'd had for weeks. He provides the pharmacy address so his alibi can be checked.

001 Blood Is Thicker episode still of Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson
Mycroft says he means to cut me off.
Outside the box, Watson tells Sherlock that if Haley had the flu, she wouldn't have been allowed to donate blood. She calls the lab tech who took Haley's blood who says she showed no illness. As she reports this to Sherlock and that McKibben's alibi has been confirmed, he learns from Bell that Ian Gale has died. This makes Watson realize that their case may be about Ian's death, not Haley's murder. At Natalie's hotel suite, they confront her and her attorney with Bell and Gregson. Learning that she stood to get a fixed sum if she divorced Ian, Natalie devised a plan to get more once Ian needed a heart transplant. She arranged for Haley to donate blood as she'd be able to manipulate her and keep her close. She injected tissue from Ian's new heart into Haley, which caused her flu, and then injected Haley's blood into Ian which caused his transplant rejection.

S02E08-Confronting Natalie Gale
You used her as an incubator to cultivate a custom-made poison.
Not detectable from a standard tox screening, it would provide Natalie with all of Ian's fortune, minus that given to Haley. They also indicate that the lab tech that took Haley's blood sample admitted to complicity in Natalie's plan in exchange for $1M. Ian's blood is being retested for the transplant rejection tox and Natalie is asked to confess. Mycroft meets Sherlock at the Brownstone where Sherlock informs him that he's not leaving NYC and asks if Mycroft will take a letter explaining his reasons to their father. (♫ Half Moon Run - Unofferable ♫) Mycroft remarks on how much Sherlock has changed and promises to return to NYC. Alone at Diogenes, Mycroft rips Sherlock's letter up and places a phone call. He tells the listener that his plan to get Sherlock to leave NYC didn't work and that there's little chance that Sherlock will discover the lie as Sherlock doesn't converse with their father. He indicates he'll have to come up with another plan.

008 Blood Is Thicker episode still of Mycroft Holmes
My little gambit didn't work.




You're so different now, Sherlock.

— Mycroft



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