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"Not that you're much of a conversationalist."
Holmes to Bob, "Hemlock".

S02E05-Holmes hits Bob
Aim for the pate.
Bob is Holmes' practice dummy used primarily as a target to practice single stick on. Occasionally, Bob has served other purposes and has been used by Watson and Kitty. Its first appearance is in the first season episode "The Deductionist."


S01E14-Holmes and Bob
   "The Deductionist"
Featuring: Bob, Holmes and Watson

Working off some sexual frustration in the wake of busting two thieving prostitutes, Holmes introduces Watson to Bob, single stick and escrima. Bob wears a t-shirt with a Union Jack.

S01E16-Holmes shoots Bob
Featuring: Bob, Holmes and Watson

Holmes uses Bob for a ballistic test and shoots him twice while playing loud music to mask the gunshot noise.

S01E17-Watson and Bob
   "Possibility Two"
Featuring: Bob, Holmes and Watson

Watson tries single stick on Bob for the first time until she and Holmes are interrupted by a call from Captain Gregson that Gerald Lydon has killed his butler Crabtree.

S01E18-Bob bullet holes
   "Déjà Vu All Over Again"
Featuring: Bob, Holmes and Watson

As Holmes tells Watson that they have to perform a task for his father as payment for the $2.2M borrowed to save Rhys Kinlan's daughter Emily, Bob can be seen still sporting the two bullet holes from the ballistics test.

S02E05-Holmes hits Bob
   "Ancient History"
Featuring: Bob, Holmes and Watson

Watson returns from her dinner with Jennifer and finds Holmes practising single stick on Bob. She tries to trick Holmes that he's impregnated Jennifer but he doesn't fall for it. Bob wears a t-shirt with "GUARD" on it.

S02E10-Holmes and Bob
Featuring: Bob, Holmes and Watson

Guilty over causing Detective Bell's shooting by James Dylan, Holmes takes out his frustrations on Bob. Bob wears a t-shirt with "GUARD" on it.

S03E03-Bob w knives
   "Just a Regular Irregular"
Featuring: Bob, Kitty, Holmes, Watson and Phil Simms

After Kitty practices single stick on Bob, Holmes has Phil Simms throw two knives at Bob's "head and heart" to prove to Watson that Simms is the greatest knife thrower in the world.

S03E13-Holmes w Bob
Featuring: Bob and Holmes

Bored, Holmes talks to Bob about a case involving Arnold Smith before hitting him with his single stick.

S03E15-Holmes and Bob
   "When Your Number's Up"
Featuring: Bob, Holmes and Watson

Holmes practices on Bob with two escrima sticks in the basement so as not to wake Watson who has moved back into the Brownstone. However, its too quiet for Watson so she seeks out Holmes and they discuss Arlen Schrader.

S04E11-Watson and Bob
   "Down Where the Dead Delight"
Featuring: Bob, Holmes and Watson

Anticipating a rematch with Detective Gina Cortes, Watson practices her boxing on Bob and works out some frustrations. Holmes wants to practice single stick on Bob but is happy to see Watson getting into match shape.

S05E15-Soldiers take Bob
   "Wrong Side of the Road"
Featuring: Bob, Holmes and soldiers

Soldiers raid the Brownstone and take its contents including Bob before Holmes is confronted by Agent Anson Gephardt of the Defense Intelligence Agency and placed under arrest.

S05E19-Holmes and Bob
   "High Heat"
Featuring: Bob, Holmes and Watson

After being ambushed and assaulted by Shinwell Johnson, Holmes works through the aftermath with various physical activities including many "visitors" and using two escrima sticks on Bob. Bob is dressed in a black hoodie, Shinwell wore a hoodie when he attacked Holmes.

S07E09-Bob and Watson
   "On the Scent"
Featuring: Bob, Holmes and Watson

Watson dresses Bob in Holmes' beekeeping outfit to demonstrate that despite a killer being disguised in a welding outfit and mask, his body type would still be recognizable.