S03E13-Bob head shot

Bob Elementary intertitle Practice Dummy
Location: The BrownstoneFirst Appearance: "The Deductionist"

Sherlock, "xxx".

S02E05-Holmes hits Bob
Aim for the pate.
Bob is Holmes' practice dummy used primarily as a target to practice single stick on. Occasionally, Bob has served other purposes and has been used by Watson and Kitty. Its first appearance is in the Season One episode "The Deductionist".


S02E05-Holmes hits Bob
   "Ancient History"
Featuring: Bob, Holmes and Watson

Watson returns from her dinner with Jennifer and finds Holmes practising single stick on Bob. She tries to trick Holmes that he's impregnated Jennifer but he doesn't fall for it.

S03E13-Holmes w Bob
Featuring: Bob and Holmes

Bored, Holmes talks to Bob about a case involving Arnold Smith before hitting him with his single stick.

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