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The parts of you that keep my imagination occupied are fully clothed at the moment.

— C. to Sherlock, "Dead Clade Walking"

C. is one of Sherlock Holmes' "Irregulars" who he employs when he needs expertise in high value auctions. She is an appraiser for a major auction house. She values her and others' privacy, hence her moniker.


Season 2[]

When trying to find a purchaser of rare dinosaur bones, Holmes arranges to meet "C." in person. Previously, they were only acquainted through message boards where they exchanged erotic writings. "C." tells Holmes that the likely purchaser of the bones is known only as "The Magpie" and that if Holmes makes it known that he has a rare item for sale, the Magpie will find him.[1]

You have a rare gift madam.

Season 5[]

"C." next helps Holmes by reviewing letters of providence provided to him by Wayne Vachs from an auction he won from since murdered Raymundo Torres to purchase an extremely rare and valuable Chinese jade seal. "C." believes that the Densham Institute and their new curator-in-chief, David Densham, purchased the seal in North Korea after which it was stolen by Torres and that Densham killed Torres to retrieve it.[2]

S05E02-Watson C Holmes
The less I know about "S.", the better.


  • While waiting at a prison to see former Escarra drug cartel member Zuniga, Holmes mentions to Watson that he still writes to C.[3]


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