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I spent years looking over my shoulder, waiting for this thing to come home.

— Whitlock to Watson, "It Serves You Right to Suffer"

Calvin Whitlock (aka Gilbride) is an FBI Agent assigned to the SBK (South Bronx Killers) gang. He uses Shinwell Johnson as a confidential informant (CI).


Season 5[]

After Joan Watson helps Shinwell with clothes for a job interview at a restaurant which he doesn't get due to his past, she offers to train him to be a detective which he declines. Later, Shinwell arrives at his apartment and finds Gilbride inside with Shinwell's gun. Gilbride tells Shinwell to hide the gun better so that he isn't caught with it which could ruin big plans Gilbride has for Shinwell.[1]

S05E05-Shinwell Gilbride
You couldn't find a better hiding place?
After Shinwell is implicated for a gang murder, he tells Watson and Holmes that he is a CI for Whitlock. Watson finds that Whitlock isn't authorized to use CIs and won't help Shinwell. Finding the murderer is Shinwell's only hope. Holmes and Shinwell discover that the victim was also a CI for Whitlock leading Holmes to believe that Whitlock is the murderer. Holmes also believes that Whitlock and two associates have been using the CIs to identify when large money drops are happening and then murder the gang members and take the money. Watson presents Whitlock with evidence and demands that he take the blame for Shinwell being at the murder scene. He refuses but then calls Watson and admits to the gang robberies. He won't help clear Shinwell and then commits suicide with the gun that was used to kill the gang member.[2]

S05E09-Whitlock dead
Whitlock commits suicide.


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