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His work placed you in real physical danger. You could have been killed.

— Reed to Watson, "Details"

Dr. Candace Reed was Joan Watson's psychiatrist.


Season 1[]

Watson sees Reed during her last week as Sherlock's sober companion. Reed sees how invigorating helping Sherlock with his work has been for Watson and opens the possibility of Watson changing careers again. However, Watson says she doesn't want to become an investigator.[1] Watson visits Reed a week after her term as Holmes' sober companion expired. Watson lied to Holmes that his father extended her term. Reed points out that if Holmes discovers the lie it may ruin the trust she's built and trigger a relapse. Watson wants to have Holmes reinstated with the NYPD before she ends the relationship.[2] After Joan was held at gunpoint by a man on a case she was working with Sherlock on, Reed advises her to move on and find another client since she's not being paid to work as Sherlock's sober companion anymore and, she is concerned for Watson's safety.[3]

S01E16-Candace Reed
Your pattern with him has become troubling.

Season 6[]

Five years after Watson ends her sessions with Dr. Reed, she's found murdered in her office. The assailant stabbed her over fifty times. In the course of the investigation, Watson gains access to Reed's file on her and learns Reed thought Watson would be a good mother. This troubles Watson but with the help of her sister Lin, she's able to see that many conclusions could be drawn from examining her strengths. A patient of Reed's was confiding investment information which Candace's office partner learned. The office partner killed her in order to use the information to profit.[4]

S06E04-Candace Reed dead
She used to be my therapist.


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