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You're my first consulting detective. I think it's nuts, by the way, working cases with civilians, but this isn't my house, it's Tommy's, and it isn't like there's any arguing with your results, am I right?

— Dwyer to Watson, "The Price of Admission"

Captain William Dwyer commands the NYPD's 12th Precinct. He temporarily commanded the 11th Precinct after Captain Gregson was shot and hospitalized. He's a NY Yankees fan.


Season 7[]

While working on the case of the murder of Virgil Gwinn, Detective Bell and Watson meet with Gregson's temporary replacement, Captain Dwyer. Although they've prepared a detailed presentation of the Gwinn case, he doesn't want to see it and expresses his confidence in them.[1]

S07E03-Dwyer conf room
Yeah, briefing. This look brief to you?
After dreaming of being at Gregson's grave with Captain Dwyer and a scary clown, Holmes wakes up in his Victorian sensory deprivation chamber in his bedroom in the Brownstone. At the 11th Precinct, after Holmes and Watson accuse an audience of federal agents of hacking a traffic light in order to frame the Mara Tres gang for a van bombing, they reveal to Captain Dwyer that the accusation was a ploy to determine if one of the agencies was involved. Satisfied they weren't, Bell says that one of agents from the FBI, Dia Tanyag, didn't leave. Bell, Dwyer, Holmes and Watson listen as Tanyag relates that Mara Tres has nearly been destroyed but that there was a virus planted in the city's traffic system several months ago by a hacker known as "Overlord."[2]

S07E04-Dwyer Holmes
You're nuts.
After Renny Henderson and his pet hog Truffles are found dead in a pond, Watson reports to Dwyer that Truffles was killed by ricin poisoning. Theorizing that the killer forced Renny to make the ricin, test it on his hog and then shot Renny, Watson indicates Renny was a bartender and had a fight with his boss, Bo Willoughby. Later at the precinct, as the poisoner, Colby, is processed, Holmes and Watson explain to Captain Dwyer that Colby was obsessed with Corinna Wood since high school and had served jail time for stalking her years before. Jealous that she'd married, he planned to poison her husband, Jason, with ricin in a favorite wine of his. Dwyer comments on the complexity of Colby's scheme to murder Jason.[3]

There are simpler ways to kill a man.
After Baron Wright, a pro boxer with a rare medical condition, is shot along with two bodyguards, Bell shows Dwyer that he's obtained scanned copies of stolen photos that Baron's adoptive mother, Viola, had made years before. Baron is seen with his father and uncles who all are muscular. Running with the theory that a doctor had Baron killed, Bell speculates the photos were stolen so that no one else could track down Baron's relatives.[4]

S07E06-Bell and Dwyer
Pat on the back.
In the bullpen at the 11th Precinct, Captain Dwyer welcomes Captain Gregson back to duty in front of his command and gives him a large novelty police shield. After a top detective, Bree Novacek, tells Gregson she's leaving the NYPD, Gregson suspects Dwyer sexually harassed her as he's on probation for a past incident. Surprising Dwyer at a bar, Gregson asks him about Novacek while indicating that she never implicated Dwyer. Dwyer is furious and while not admitting to any misconduct, believes Gregson should be thankful for the work he did at the 11th. Novacek later tells Gregson that Dwyer did harass her and while she's still leaving the NYPD, she reported his misconduct to the EEO.[5]

S07E07-Gregson Dwyer shield
We had one made special just for you.


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