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It's just a, a tip of the cap, you know? From one obsessive to another. Just an acknowledgment that the world we live in is so often too complicated for the rules we make to keep it orderly.

— Holmes to Walker, "Tremors"

Cassandra Walker is an attorney who acted as the prosecutor during the NYPD's administrative hearing of Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson.


Season 2[]

After an incident caused by Holmes that results in the shooting of Detective Bell, Walker acts as the prosecutor at an administrative hearing in order to determine if the NYPD will allow Holmes and Watson to continue consulting on cases. The core of Walker's accusations is that Holmes and Watson break the law in the course of investigations, particularly breaking into locations. Holmes denies this and provides several flimsy and creative lies how they've entered sites. As Holmes describes his investigation of Silis Cole, Walker interrupts him to get his opinion of Bell. Holmes praises Bell woodenly which elicits sarcasm from Walker. Continuing with the story, they discover Cole's girlfriend, Rada, dead of a gunshot wound to the chest and Cole's boot prints around her. Bell intends to charge Cole for her murder but Holmes doesn't think he did it. Astonished, Walker interrupts and asks him to explain why.

021 Tremors episode still of Brewster O'Hare, Cassandra Walker and Sherlock Holmes
Your Honor, allow me to register my skepticism.
Holmes tries to better relations with Walker by leaving a quote from her favorite author on her desk. She takes it as a threat but Holmes sincerely says it's a tribute. She accuses him of stealing the phone of a suspect in Rada's murder, James Dylan. After Holmes explains how he and Watson proved Cole didn't kill Rada, she asks why Holmes is smiling. He replies that freeing a mentally ill man has to matter, even if rules are broken to do so. He remarks they've helped out many others at no cost to the NYPD and believes they are due gratitude. Walker sourly says she'll pass Bell the message. At the proceedings, Walker questions Watson on how they've entered so many crime scenes to which she mirrors the lies Holmes previously told. After Holmes has Watson detail how they found Rada's killer, Walker has her describe how Bell's shooting was caused by Holmes' actions. After the Judge's recommendation is that the NYPD end its relationship with Holmes and Watson, Walker approaches Holmes and invites him to a support group meeting.[1]

020 Tremors episode still of Cassandra Walker and Sherlock Holmes
It's a tip of the cap, you know?


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