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You think I'd be into Chantal if she wasn't great at what she does?

— Detective Bell to Holmes, "Ill Tidings"

Chantal Milner is an Assistant District Attorney (ADA) for the State of New York and becomes involved with Detective Marcus Bell. She is the ex-wife of Roy Booker.


Season 5[]

As Detective Bell testifies at a murder trial, Milner is ADA on the case. The defense attorney questions Bell heavily on a witness to the murder and Bell realizes he may have perjured himself based on notes Sherlock Holmes took on a witness. Bell gets an affidavit from the witness and compels Holmes to accompany him to deliver it to Milner. Holmes realizes that Bell likes Milner. He admits it and indicates that he intends to ask her out once her divorce is finalized.[1]

S05E06-Bell Milner
You looked at little seasick there.
Marcus reveals that Chantal's divorce is finalized and she asked him out. Milner takes a rain check on her third date with Bell who is accosted by Chantal's ex-husband, Roy Booker at a bar. Booker complains to the DA's office resulting in Watson investigating what happened at the bar and Bell worrying that Chantal will be distracted from a big case she's working on. Watson questions Chantal and discovers that he didn't frequent the bar as he claimed and finds out from her why he left the NYPD. Watson tells Bell that Booker is working as an investigator for an attorney on a big case where Chantal is opposing attorney. The altercation was a trap meant to have Chantal removed from the case.[2]

S05E12-Chantal and Watson
I've heard a lot about you.

After Marcus is falsely accused of pulling his gun on a road rager, Titus Gorham, Gorham complains to the police and Marcus is investigated by Internal Affairs. Watson meets Chantal to get information on Gorham. Marcus and Chantal have dinner in which Marcus says he confronted Booker about being behind the false complaint. She indicates her marriage to Booker soured when her career took off and his didn't. She also tells Marcus of an apartment that Booker lived in when she was dating him that wasn't listed in his record. Using this information, Watson is able to find the connection between the false complainer and Booker. Booker is charged and released on bail. Bell calls Chantal with the news but gets no answer from her.[3]

S05E20-Watson Chantal
Doesn't take long to tell a bunch of lies.

I know what he's capable of.

Bell finds Chantal at her home, badly beaten and believes Roy Booker assaulted her. Bell tells Gregson and Holmes that Chantal has no defensive wounds, and she hit her forehead on the bed frame when attacked. Her nose, cheekbone and several ribs are broken and her skull is fractured. She's placed under heavy sedation. Strong evidence against Booker is discovered but he is found dead. Days later, after Booker's murder is solved, Bell tell Holmes that Chantal is awake and talking a little.[4] Bell tells Holmes that Chantal is doing well in physical therapy.[5]

S05E21-Chantal in hospital
Chantal after the attack.

Season 6[]

Chantal meets Marcus for dinner where he tells her about being approached to apply to be a U.S. Marshal. She asks how serious he is and he acknowledges it'd be a big change and he doesn't want to do it alone. Chantal is supportive and indicates that she could move from NYC to be with him. She tells Marcus that the Marshals don't recruit, that it is very tough to get in and wonders who made the offer happen for Marcus.[6]

S06E12-Marcus Chantal dinner
I've got connections.


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