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Do you not know the definition of the word "separated"?

— Cheryl, "An Unnatural Arrangement"

Cheryl Gregson is the ex-wife of Captain Gregson and mother of Hannah Gregson. She has two other daughters with the Captain.


Season 2[]

Entering her home, Cheryl Gregson is startled by a masked, armed man demanding to know where her husband is. Distracting him, she runs upstairs, retrieves a pistol and shoots the man through a door. She calls 911 and asks that her husband, Captain Gregson, be warned. Later, with police on the scene, Tommy and Cheryl hug. Questioned by Bell, Cheryl describes the intruder's weapon but little else. Neither Gregsons have any suspects but the Captain informs them that they aren't living together. Later, Bell tells the Captain that a witness saw a blue pickup truck outside their house several times which he claims not to know. Angry, the Captain confronts Cheryl at their house over the owner of the pickup truck who Cheryl confesses she had a date with. Cheryl reveals that she's tired of the Captain's long work hours, neglect of their relationship and the separation means they are free to see other people. After a discussion with Holmes, Tommy gives Cheryl a dog and promises to work on their relationship.[1]

011 An Unnatural Arrangement episode still of Cheryl and Tommy Gregson
Just seemed like it happened so fast.


  • As Holmes writes a letter to Moriarty, he comments on those in his life and Captain Gregson is seen looking at a wedding picture of him and Cheryl.[2]


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