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I know what you want. For you and me. But I can't do it. What you did doesn't change things between us. It doesn't make us family.

— Chivonne, "Rekt in Real Life"

Chivonne is the estranged, biological daughter of Shinwell Johnson.


Season 5[]

Released from prison, Shinwell asks for Watson's help finding Chivonne as with her mother dying while he was imprisoned, he's lost track of her. Watson finds Chivonne's guardian and aunt, Laila Kalifa, who refuses to let Shinwell into Chivonne's life. Citing his past as a criminal and drug dealer, Laila doesn't believe Watson when she says that Shinwell has changed. At Shinwell's request, Watson meets him at a park and he shows her that he's found Chivonne but hasn't spoken to her. Watching her play soccer from a distance, he acknowledges that there's a lot he has to change in his life before he can be part of her life.[1]

S05E02-Chivonne soccer
She's good at a lot of things.
Shinwell meets Watson at a coffee shop and tells her that Chivonne wants to see him. Meeting Chivonne outside her school, she asks for Shinwell's help. Watson meets Shinwell at his apartment where he relates that Chivonne is being harassed by a gang member, Lucien. Since involving the police or hurting Lucien would result in retribution against Chivonne, he asks Watson for another solution. Shinwell breaks into Lucien's apartment and offers him two of SBK's street corners in exchange for leaving Chivonne alone, which he accepts. Shinwell meets Chivonne outside her school and give her the good news that Lucien and his gang have agreed to leave her alone. Offering to walk her home, she refuses and tells Shinwell that she doesn't want to be part of his life. Disappointed, Shinwell says he understands and watches Chivonne walk away.[2]

S05E14-Chivonne Shinwell
I came to you because I had to.


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