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Christopher Gray was the head of the security team for Morland Holmes.


Season 4[]

Gray is seen ushering Morland out for the evening just before a bomb explodes in Morland's office. After the explosion, Gray brings Morland to a penthouse safe house. When the door bell rings, he ensures Morland's safety and relaxes when the visitor is Sherlock.[1] Gray is beaten and concussed confronting the man who planted a bomb at the Brownstone. Watson and Sherlock visit him in the hospital and reveal they know he has been spying on them and to thank him for saving their lives. Gray is evasive and asks the nurse to remove them. Later, he visits the Brownstone looking for Morland. He tells Sherlock and Watson that Morland terminated all his security team. Morland provides Gray a $10M severance for his 20 year service but Gray wants to find out why and apologize if he's done something wrong. Sherlock realizes that Morland intends to give himself up to Joshua Vikner.[2]

S04E23-Gray and Morland
Nobody knows about this place.

S04E24-Gray Holmes Watson
He said the danger had passed.


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