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"Don't get in his way. You'll live longer. More importantly, so will all of your friends."
Agent McNally to Holmes
Odin Reichenbach provides details to Holmes and Watson how he spies on his client's communications using his company's software. Having configured his platforms to report anyone intending violence, he then has them killed. Recounting instances that saved lives, he regrets what happened with Patrick Meers and proposes that Holmes and Watson help him refine the algorithm that catches murderers. At the home of Carla Whitmark, Detective Bell learns that Carla's husband, Davis, is missing. A former NYPD ESU officer who retired and is suffering from PTSD, Carla mentions they are severely in debt. Bell finds evidence in the garage that Davis was creating a sniper rifle. At the Brownstone, Holmes destroys all computers that run software from Odin's company, Odker. Agreeing with Watson that they won't work with Odin, Holmes proposes they keep their knowledge of Odin's murders from the NYPD but tell the NSA through their contact, Agent McNally.

S07E06-With Odin start
Together, we could avert so many tragedies.
Indicating that Bell asked for help locating Davis, Watson meets Bell at the video editing company Davis works for. Davis' colleague Libby tells them she overheard a phone conversation where Davis threatened someone for not paying him for video work. Watson finds the password to Davis' computer and discovers he was working on S&M videos. Having handwritten their findings on Odin, Holmes presents the file to McNally. McNally says he'll run the matter by his superiors and that if the NSA decides to pursue it, Holmes will owe them. In "the box" at the 11th Precinct, Bell and Watson question Juliana, the person that Davis threatened, and show her that Davis was acting in the videos. Admitting to owing him money, she plays a voicemail from Davis in which he agreed to a deal with her. Watson sends the voicemail to Holmes. At the Brownstone, he's able to discern the building Davis is at from pigeons cooing in the background and the message data.

S07E06-Watson Holmes helmet
Hey! Anyone home?
Police find Davis at the building and he's brought to the precinct with his lawyer. Embarrassed, he admits to acting in the videos in which he wore a mask. He indicates he was anonymously blackmailed to perform a sniper shot or the blackmailer would tell Carla of his video work. He was instructed to shoot through a specific hotel window but oddly, not to kill anyone. He was caught by police before he could make the shot. Holmes calls the hotel and discovers that a private security company was renting the room Davis was told to shoot. Speaking to the company's rep, Alwyn Smith, he confirms that his men moved their client once they learned of the sniper shot from police. Telling Smith to call his men, they and their client are found shot dead in a car.

S07E06-Davis Whitmark
I love my wife.
At the Morgue, Smith confirms the identity of his men and their client, a boxer named Baron Wright. Baron employed them after he found a masked intruder in his house trying to substitute his pancreas medication for sedatives. Bell calls the precinct involved in the home invasion, obtains a picture of the medication and finds Baron was being treated for exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI). Noting that Baron's EPI medication was from a trial study and that the sedatives looked exactly the same, Watson deduces that someone in Baron's endocrinologist's office was involved. At the office of Dr. Gregory Burgess, Holmes and Watson are told by a pregnant Tessa Pritchard that they'll have to wait as Burgess is seeing a patient. Not dissuaded, Holmes proceeds into the office and finds Burgess shredding a file. Threatening to call the police, Burgess denies shooting Baron.

S07E06-At morgue
He dropped all the pills and ducked out a window.
Burgess says that he was shredding a paper he was writing about Baron and explains that people with EPI don't have the muscle definition that Baron had. Believing Baron has a mutation, unknown to Baron, he was secretly studying him to develop a medication that would burn fat and create muscle. However, his research required repeated blood and tissue samples. When Baron stopped coming to his office, he broke into his house with the sedatives, planning to return once Baron was sedated to get more samples. Holmes speculates that Burgess found members of Baron's family to study and that once Baron found out, he killed Baron. Burgess says that he tasked Tessa to research his background and she found Baron was the child of undocumented immigrants who died in a car crash and had no other family. Indicating Baron saw other doctors who may have developed a fat burner, Burgess speculates another doctor might have killed him.

S07E06-With Burgess
He was my golden goose.
At the Brownstone, Holmes finds McNally has let himself in. Saying that proof of Odin's murders is required, McNally tells Holmes to set a meeting with Odin which the NSA will record. At the precinct, Bell and Watson tell Baron's adoptive mother, Viola, of his death. Having brought his medical records, she informs them that her home was broken into the day before and that some of the records, as well as photo albums with pictures of Baron's childhood, were taken. Later, Bell shows Captain Dwyer that he's obtained scanned copies of the stolen photos which Viola had made years before. In the pictures, Baron is with his father and uncles who all are muscular. Running with the theory that a doctor had Baron killed, Bell speculates the photos were stolen so that no one else could track down Baron's relatives.

S07E06-Bell and Dwyer
Pat on the back.
At the Brownstone, Holmes introduces Watson to Cassina, an exotic coffee expert. Looking at Baron's photos, she points out that his biological family, the Bautistas, owned a coffee plantation in Guatemala with a very rare variety worth millions. In 2016, an earthquake killed the family and the estate went into probate. Believing an heir to the estate may have killed Baron, Holmes asks Watson to meet a Guatemalan counsel at the precinct while he meets Odin. At a quay, Holmes tells Odin that he's reviewed several of the cases where would-be killers were eliminated. Noting that in several cases there was reasonable doubt the killers would have acted, Holmes insincerely says he and Watson will help Odin, but only if they can vet each case to make certain that the killer will act. Odin agrees to give them the next case where doubt exists.

S07E06-With Cassina
Gesha trees produce incredible beans.
At the precinct, a Guatemalan counsel tells Bell and Watson that her government has been looking for an heir to the Bautista estate for years. She indicates that a year before, a US medical researcher looking into EPI contacted them for information on the Bautistas. The researcher wouldn't reveal who was being treated for EPI in the US but the counsel believes it was for Baron. The consulate did reveal the value of the estate to the researcher. In private, Watson tells Bell she knows who the heir to the estate is, but the heir hasn't been born yet.

I can confirm he was a Bautista.
In "the box", Bell and Watson accuse Tessa of murdering Baron and his bodyguards and, being pregnant with his child. She was an Army veteran and had been practising at a firing range with the weapon that killed Baron, she was the researcher who learned the value of the Bautista estate. After sleeping with Baron, becoming pregnant, she broke up with him and didn't tell him of the pregnancy. Reaching the third trimester and certain she'd have his child and be granted the estate, she intended to kill him but Burgess' break-in resulted in Baron hiring the security firm. Discovering Davis Whitmark's background, who was also a patient of Burgess', she blackmailed him to flush Baron out from the hotel with the sniper shot. Claiming that the baby isn't Baron's and their evidence is circumstantial, Bell serves her with a court order for a paternity test.

S07E06-Tessa Pritchard
Pregnant women can do all sorts of things.
Holmes meet McNally who plays a recording of his meeting with Odin. Telling Holmes that the NSA has the evidence it needs to prosecute him, but that it'll take time, Holmes notes how clear the recording is and that it must have come from a wire Odin was wearing. Accusing McNally of working with Odin, McNally becomes hostile and admits Odin agreeing to Holmes' proposal was designed to buy time to design a new pitch to recruit him and Watson. McNally gives Holmes a thick file that contains information on all those he holds dear, including Captain Thomas Gregson, his daughter Hannah, his wife Paige, Bell, his girlfriend Chantal, Kitty Winter, her son Archie and Watson. He threatens all their lives and tells Holmes to not interfere with Odin. Later, McNally warns Odin that Holmes won't stop but Odin isn't concerned. At the Brownstone, Holmes lies to Watson that the NSA has opened a case against Odin and there's nothing more for them to do.

S07E06-Holmes and McNally
Our friend doesn't want to hurt any of you.



This stuff is so good, I don't care how much weasel puke is in it.

— Watson