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"I don't think I've ever seen you treat a suspect so politely."
— Watson to Holmes
At the Brownstone in the kitchen, Watson pours herself coffee and notices a very blunt sign on Holmes' bedroom that he has company. An attractive woman emerges, thanks Watson for the offered coffee, Holmes for the evening and departs. Watson comments on the numerous sexual partners Holmes has had over the past week. At a ballet rehearsal, a stage manager informs the prima ballerina, Iris Lanzer, that the company is ready for her. (♫ Brahms - Violin konzert Op 77, I. Allegro Non Troppo ♫) Rehearsal beginning, a backdrop is lowered and a loud thud is heard behind the ballerinas. Screaming breaks out as Lanzer pushes her way through them and sees a woman's body cut in two. Captain Gregson leads Holmes and Watson through the crime scene and reports that the killer took the hard drive containing the security videos. They learn from the company's ballet master that the murdered woman, Nell Solange, was to have played the lead but it was given to Lanzer.

S02E15-Watson Tatiana kitchen
It's her morning to deliver the sermon.
Viewing Nell's body, Watson notes her throat was slashed while Holmes believes the bisection, done with a wire attached to the backdrop, was done as a spectacle. Meeting Detective Bell, he reports that Nell was killed in a different part of backstage and a box cutter belonging to Lanzer is the murder weapon. Questioning Lanzer, Holmes is uncharacteristically polite and deferential and, he offers explanations for many of his colleagues' questions. Lanzer claims Nell wasn't a threat to her prima role, provides an alibi and suggests one of Nell's exes, Nicholas Orman, may be a suspect. Outside, Watson teases Holmes for his behaviour towards Lanzer and indicates that the press doesn't like her, due to a shoving incident with a photographer. She gets a call from a shelter she volunteers at that one of their clients is off his meds and had a run-in with the police. Watson heads to the hospital while Holmes and Bell go to question Orman.

S02E15-Iris Lanzer
He flirted with the notion of Nell, but he chose me.
At the hospital, two officers explain their altercation with Morris Gilroy who is restrained in a bed. Gilroy yells that a sergeant named "Freebo" was taken. Watson calms him and promises to find Freebo. Orman has an excellent alibi for when Nell was killed but mentions that they broke up because she was cheating on him with an unknown man. Calling Gregson with the information, he informs Holmes that Lanzer's alibi didn't check out and she arrives at the 11th Precinct with her lawyer, Nolan Sharp. Sharp explains the mistake with the alibi and Lanzer doesn't know the man who Nell cheated on Orman is. Becoming increasingly belligerent, Lanzer demands her release to teach a workshop in Montreal. Gregson denies her permission to leave the country so when she threatens him, Gregson arrests her.

S02E15-Lanzer at precinct
I'm gonna give you one last chance to leave me alone.
Watson has identified "Freebo" as former Army Sergeant Zeke Frebeaux and Bell agrees to distribute his picture to NYPD cars. The next morning in the kitchen at the Brownstone, Watson is shocked to see Lanzer emerge from Holmes' bedroom. Confronting Holmes, he explains that Lanzer initiated the encounter and he accepted to learn more about her. He discovered from their "exercise" that Lanzer has a tear in her rotator cuff that would preclude her from pulling Nell's body up the backdrop. Still not believing his motives, Lanzer emerges and indicates that Sharp will give him full access to her legal files. Believing that an obsessive fan may be trying to frame her, he's surprised when Watson indicates that she can't accompany him to Sharp's, because she's received a tip that Zeke was spotted in an argument in Queens.

S02E15-Lanzer in hat
He'll give you full access to my legal files.
At Sharp's office, Holmes listens to him grandstand with the press over the phone. As Holmes starts looking over the files, he remarks on Sharp's automatic door closer. Sharp indicates he's an admirer of Lanzer, has given her many hours of his time for free and won't let Holmes take the files form his office. Watson talks to Rachel Brown, who says she's Zeke's sister, at her house. Saying that Zeke has PTSD from service in Afghanistan and drug problems, she brought him home to care for him, but he wouldn't stay. She doesn't know where he is but as Watson indicates that she'll keep looking him, Brown expresses her gratitude. Watson meets Holmes at the apartment of Jake Picardo, the photographer who Lanzer shoved, as he considers Picardo a prime suspect. Holmes comments that Watson reeks of cigarette smoke from her visit to Brown's.

S02E15-Questioning Rachel Brown
I try to track him down every month or so.
Picardo is happy that Lanzer is being maligned in the press, as she broke his camera, and Sharp's slanders against him got him fired from his agency. Leering, Picardo indicates a spy camera is pointed at Watson's rear and he adds to his slimy behaviour with his alibi for when Nell was killed. He believes that Lanzer has them fooled and indicates he knows manipulations she's perpetrated, but won't elaborate and asks them to leave. At the precinct, Bell has Holmes and Watson listen to a recording that a reporter received anonymously. Lanzer is heard leaving an angry message for Nell and it's apparent they were having an affair. At Sharp's office, they question Lanzer who admits the affair was a ploy to distract Nell from accepting the prima role. Nell ran into another dancer who Lanzer had employed the same tactics on, but Lanzer had begun to care for Nell. They made up and Nell deleted the message leading Sharp to ask how it was leaked. Holmes finds spyware on Lanzer's phone and later, Picardo is found to have installed it.

S02E15-At Sharp's office2
When did your romance with Nell begin?
In "the box" at the precinct, Picardo confesses to cloning Lanzer's phone. As for his alibi, his lawyer first asks for prosecution immunity then Picardo admits to hiding cameras in Lanzer's apartment when Nell was killed. He hoped to catch them having sex and intended to sell the videos. At the Brownstone, Holmes tells Watson that Picardo's alibi checked out and, he's discovered that the recording has two levels, a recording of a recording, which a computer is separating for him. Gilroy is back on his meds, at a shelter and as Watson gathers clothing to bring there, Holmes asks why she's going to so much effort to help him. Watson reveals that her genetic father is schizophrenic and homeless. She volunteers at shelters hoping to see him. Watson leaves and Holmes listens to the separated audio file on which he can hear a distinctive whirring sound that he has heard before.

S02E15-Picardo in box
I could've named my price.
At the shelter, Gilroy tells Watson that he saw a white man rough Zeke up and take him away in a van. Watson indicates she hasn't found Zeke and his sister hasn't seen him. She looks through Zeke's bag and finds a pack of cigarettes which she noticed at Rachel Brown's. Looking at a family photo, Gilroy points to Zeke's sister who isn't Rachel Brown. Sharp arrives at his office to find Holmes seated at his desk. Holmes knows that Nell was also his client and he recorded the meeting with her, including the voicemail Lanzer left for Nell. Armed with the voicemail, he killed Nell and arranged her bisection to create a media sensation that he'd be the star of. Leaking Lanzer's voicemail would provide motive and reveal their relationship. Holmes mentions that the recording of the voicemail included the distinctive whirring sound of Sharp's door closer. Sharp is confidently defiant and mentions that Lanzer has gone into hiding at his bidding and, that he'll be convincing her that Holmes is a threat.

S02E15-Sharp kills Solange green
You prepared her for her grand entrance.
At Rachel Brown's, Watson arrives with police and asks for Zeke. Rachel and her husband Cliff lie that Zeke isn't there. With a warrant, they enter and find a padlocked door. Zeke and two other men are found chained in the room. The Browns were collecting their veteran and disability checks. Later, watching the news report at the Brownstone, Holmes expresses his pride in Watson's accomplishment. Ruing that the Lanzer case isn't going as well, he recounts how smug Sharp was when confronted. Believing that he'll produce some evidence at Lanzer's trial to exonerate her, he comes to a realization. In a courthouse bathroom, Holmes finds Sharp practicing a speech he plans to give the media waiting outside. Holmes tells Sharp that since he mentioned that he was giving Lanzer some free legal services, they were able to procure a search warrant to check if he was charging other clients for Lanzer's legal work.

S02E15-Watson frees vets
You want to tell me what, or who, you've got down there?
Searching Sharp's office, they found the stolen hard drive from the theatre. Lanzer wasn't seen on the video but a man who matched his physical dimensions was. Holmes muses whether Sharp intended to show the video if the trial went against Lanzer or did he always have plans to introduce it. Gregson indicates the charges against Lanzer have been dropped and Sharp is arrested, to be paraded to the media outside. Later at the Brownstone, Watson watches as Lanzer expresses relief the charges against her have been dropped and regret for Nell's death. Holmes appears with a stack of blankets, intending to distribute them to the homeless at a local park. Watson smiles and gets her coat.

S02E15-Arresting Sharp
Don't worry about the reporters outside. You look great.



  • The title is a reference to Corps de Ballet, which is the group of dancers in the background.
  • First mention of Watson's biological father who dies in "Once You've Ruled Out God".


I have to say, Watson, I'm feeling a little bit judged. You're well aware that I view sex as an exercise. As do the women I entertain.

— Holmes