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I've seen what happened to people that talk, and I got my sister and my moms to think about.

Damon Clark is the brother of Jameel Clark. Jameel was a member of the gang "SBK", and close friend of Shinwell Johnson.


Season 5[]

After Shinwell narrowly misses being hit in a drive-by shooting, Detective Guzman shows Holmes that the gun used matches that in the murder of SBK gang member Jameel Clark twelve year ago. On a college campus, Holmes speaks to Jameel's younger brother, Damon. He claims to have not heard nor seen anything, even though Jameel was shot just outside his bedroom. As Holmes presses for details, Damon indicates he fears retribution if he talks and isn't concerned that Shinwell may be in danger. Later, Holmes surprises Damon and accuses him of being the drive-by shooter because he saw Shinwell kill Jameel.[1]

S05E17-Damon Clark
I didn't hear a thing.
With Guzman, Watson listens to Damon's statement that twelve years before, he heard Shinwell and Jameel in the kitchen and then heard gunshots. Hearing the front door shut, he left his bedroom and found Jameel dead. Looking out the window, he saw Shinwell toss a gun into a garbage can. Retrieving the gun, he intended to shoot Shinwell at his brother's funeral, but couldn't. Shinwell then went to prison and Damon had to wait until recently, when Shinwell was released, before he could make an attempt. He admits to committing the drive-by shooting on Shinwell in which he missed hitting him, and then threw the gun into the East River.[2]

S05E18-Guzman Watson question
I guess I'm no killer. But Shinwell is.


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