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I thought it was interesting, the way he left that money behind. The killer? Yesterday he could've afforded me, today he can't. The world is funny that way. How much do you think you're worth, Penny?

— Dana, "When Your Number's Up"

Dana Powell is a rich housewife who believes that she deserves the best in life, no matter the cost.


Season 3[]

Dana sells her jewellery and then shoots a homeless man, Henry. She then leaves an envelope with cash inside Henry's coat. The envelope also contains a note showing that as per a victim compensation lawyer's formula, she "bought" Henry's life. At a support group meeting attended by Dana, Freddy Duncan speaks about his brother, Matt. Afterwards at Freddy's house, Dana has sex with him. As she prepares to leave, he sees her putting cash into an envelope. Seeing he is a smoker, she removes some of the cash and then shoots Freddy in the heart. At Dana's mansion, she watches a news report on the "Aceway killer" while her sister Penny arrives. An accountant, Penny tells Dana that the bank is going to take her mansion. Dana indicates she's working on a "project" that she'll have to make a bigger fuss on to get a payout.

S03E15-Powell second victim
It just changes the math.
Captain Gregson calls Holmes and Watson that the Aceway killer tried to kill another beneficiary, Dana Powell. At Dana's mansion, she claims a man in a ski mask shot at her through a kitchen window and then fled over the back fence. Holmes examines the shooter's footprints and notices uneven wear that would indicate a limp. Dana learns police know the source of the gun used and that the gun seller didn't recognize any of the beneficiaries from photos. Holmes also notes that Dana lives only on the ground floor, which she attributes to the house being too big since her husband's death on the flight. Dana is on a news report saying she was attacked by the Aceway killer and that she should get more compensation than the families of the coach passengers since her husband was a rich broker. Watson says that Dana's comments will probably force Aceway into a fixed sum settlement.

S03E15-Watson Holmes Bell Powell
It was dark, I hid as soon as I got to the alarm.

S03E15-Dana on news
Why shouldn't their families receive more?

Returning to her mansion from a shopping spree, Dana is met by Penny who suspects that Dana may have had something to do with the killings. Dana readies a knife from her kitchen drawer but the arrival of Bell with a warrant results in her putting the knife back. In "the box" at the precinct, Dana and her lawyer are shown that boots found in her house match the footprints she said her attacker made. With the Virginia gun dealer having identified her husband Nick as the purchaser of the gun used in the killings, Watson relates that Nick had brain cancer. This is why she lived only in the ground floor as he could no longer walk up the stairs. It also explains why she arranged for the fix-sum settlement as an investigation into Nick's condition would result in a small amount. When a deal is mentioned, Holmes asks Dana what type of prison she believes she deserves to be in. A more comfortable one if she admits to her crimes or a harsher one if the case is forced to go to court. Dana ponders the choice.[1]

S03E15-Powell in box
He only had a few months to live.


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