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I'm happy just to watch you die.

— Gottlieb to Van Der Hoff, "A Landmark Story"

Daniel Gottlieb, aka "The Actuary", is an assassin for Jamie Moriarty. A former engineer and serial killer, he was recruited by John Douglas.


Season 1[]

Entering his house, councilman Van Der Hoff clutches his heart and falls. Sitting on his sofa, Gottlieb is sending high voltage through Hoff's pacemaker with his laptop. He calmly asks Hoff to vote "no" to a landmark protection proposition. When Hoff does so with his tablet, Gottlieb presses a button on his laptop and kills him. Later, Gottlieb kills Robert Baumann, a developer who was bribing the landmark protection council members to revoke status on a 1920's speakeasy. He does so by pushing an A/C unit out the window which crushes Baumann's skull. Gottlieb's next target is a lawyer, Hillary Taggart, who fights to preserve landmark status. Knowing she has a bee sting allergy, he plants a nest of Africanized honey bees in a park where Taggart jogs. Holmes and Watson catch him supplying the bees with sugar water and Holmes tases him unconscious.

S01E21-AC death
What are the odds, huh?
Gottlieb wakes in the Brownstone, straight-jacketed. Holmes tells him they know about his involvement in Hoff and Baumann's murder and that he is working for Moriarty. Holmes plans to send a message using Gottlieb's phone asking for a personal meeting with his employer. If Gottlieb tells them everything he knows about Moriarty before they receive a reply, they'll recommend special treatment to the police. Gottlieb has never met Moriarty and describes how he was recruited. He also mentions that years before, he was given a job to kill Holmes but it was cancelled. Later, Gottlieb confirms a composite photo Holmes shows him is the man who recruited him. After the man, John Douglas, is killed by a sniper when Holmes is meeting him, Holmes gives Gottlieb to the police. In "the box" at the 11th Precinct, Gottlieb freely confesses to all his killings. A coded text arrives on Gottlieb's phone but when Holmes demands he translate it, Gottlieb says it's not a code he knows and that Holmes will have to decode it.[1]

001 A Landmark Story episode still of The Actuary, Joan Watson and Sherlock Holmes
How many people have you killed?


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