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I freed them. I freed them from the pain-wracked prison their bodies had become. I saw them, I studied them.

— Gura, "Lesser Evils"

Danilo Gura was a janitor who worked at Chandler Memorial Hospital. He graduated from Olesky University and practised as a medical doctor in the Ukraine.


Season 1[]

While in the Chandler Memorial Hospital morgue, Holmes discovers a man, Trent Kelty, he believes was murdered. With Watson, he bursts into the hospital room Kelty occupied and discovers Gura cleaning it. Holmes throws water into the hallway so Gura will exit to clean it up and then bars himself and Watson in the room. Later, Holmes finds himself in an elevator with Gura. He apologizes for his behaviour which Gura seemingly accepts but as Gura leaves, he presses all the floor buttons. Holmes discovers that an angel of death is working in the hospital and after finding that one of the victims could only speak Ukrainian and had help filling in a form, Holmes deduces Gura is the angel.

S01E05-Holmes and Gura
It's all right.
At the 11th Precinct, Holmes and Captain Gregson interrogate Gura who Holmes realized was the angel from clothes matching the colors of the Ukrainian flag Gura had on his janitorial cart. His personnel file confirmed he was a doctor in the Ukraine. A search of Gura's residence revealed a detailed log on the nine murdered patients. Gura admits to being the angel and that he carefully studied patients who had no hope of recovery. When Holmes accuses him of killing Samantha Cropsey, who didn't have a terminal illness, Gura becomes angry and accuses them of lying. As Gura is arrested, Gregson congratulates Holmes who is puzzled why Gura refuted the one patient's terminal illness.[1]

S01E05-Gura in box
She was begging me to make it stop.


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