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Everybody knows about Diogenes. Amazing food, interesting clientele.

— NSA Agent McNally, "Paint It Black"

Dean McNally is an agent of the National Security Agency (NSA) who has assisted Holmes and Watson with the their cases when it benefits him and the NSA.


Season 2[]

While investigating the death of a mafia family member, Holmes and Watson come upon information that was provided by the NSA. They visit an NSA front, a company called "lantera" and meet McNally who insists that lantera is a web development company. He listens to their accusations but does not admit to any knowledge nor that the company is an NSA front. Later, he meets Holmes in secret and tells him the information did comes from the NSA at the request of a Deputy Commissioner Da Silva who Holmes suspects is crooked.[1]

S02E13-McNally Holmes lantera
I do web development.
While searching for a list critical to a French criminal organization "Le Milieu" in order to free a kidnapped Watson, Holmes and Mycroft are picked up by McNally. Holmes lies about why they are pursuing the list and promises to turn it over to the NSA when found. McNally threatens Sherlock with an espionage charge and lets Mycroft know that he knows about his restaurant and its clientele indicating that he probably knows Mycroft works for MI6. Later, after Mycroft tases Sherlock and takes the list, Sherlock appeals to McNally for help but McNally can't find Mycroft and won't help.[2]

S02E22-Mycroft McNally
Amazing food, interesting clientele.

Season 4[]

Several years later, Holmes meets McNally who provides Holmes with private information in exchange for a favor Holmes previously did McNally. Holmes lets him knows that he and Watson will no longer be consulting for the NYPD and could consult for the NSA. McNally calls him a liability and that no federal agency would utilize them.[3] While investigating a robbery at a poker game, Watson is watching footage of the game on a laptop when McNally suddenly comes on the screen and tells her that the laptop is being wiped and that they are to not pursue the case any further. The laptop goes blank and the lights in the Brownstone go out. Holmes and Watson question two Turkish men who they cause to plan to leave the country bringing a recrimination from McNally. Holmes deduces why the spies' boss arranged the robbery of the poker game and is able to extract a confession and McNally learns who the Turks are really working for.[4]

S04E01-Holmes McNally
You're hitting me up for two jobs.

Tell your partner to stay away from this one.

S04E19-Holmes and NcNally
Oh, we've been on them for months.

Season 5[]

After DIA Agent Anson Gephardt commits murder in order to obtain the "Fidel Files", he uses this trove of intelligence to place a fake video of an Iranian nuclear bomb program in order to start a war and releases it on the internet. Holmes deduces where the fake video was created and presents the evidence to McNally in Washington Square in order to avert a war. Holmes realizes that McNally knows about Gephardt's dealings with him as he meets Holmes close to where Gephardt dropped him off. Holmes is concerned what McNally will do with the evidence but McNally assures him he's interested in the truth. He says he wishes Holmes could see Gephardt's face when the confront him with the evidence, won't reveal where Gephardt is being held and leaves.[5]

S05E16-McNally Holmes
We're on your team Holmes.

Season 7[]

Holmes brings the crimes of tech billionaire Odin Reichenbach to McNally. Saying that proof of Odin's murders is required, McNally tells Holmes to set a meeting with Odin which the NSA will record. After the meeting, Holmes listens to the NSA recording and he realizes McNally is working with Odin. McNally threatens everyone Holmes holds dear and warns him to not interfere with Odin's work. Later, McNally warns Odin that Holmes won't stop but Odin isn't concerned, indicating that he's battling multiple law suits, the Chinese government and the US military, so Holmes shouldn't be a problem.[6]

S07E06-Holmes and McNally
Our friend doesn't want to hurt any of you.


  • Mycroft arranges for the death of Tim Sherrington by giving McNally secrets. McNally then leaks to Le Milieu that Sherrington is a spy and he is killed by them. The NSA then arranges for Mycroft's fake death in Diogenes.[7]
  • Holmes tries to get details about the Atherton Foundation from McNally who refuses to discuss it leading Holmes to believe that it has a government affiliation.[8]
  • Holmes tells Bell that he received drone surveillance videos from McNally in exchange for a favor he did him by untangling an incident involving Belgium, the Dalai Lama and a priceless wheel of cheese.[9]
  • Holmes reports to Watson that Agent McNally hasn't heard any intel on Ando Azuma's missing pinky drive.[10]
  • While investigating hacking of street lights, McNally provides Holmes with a hacker named Phil, aka "Overlord", who works for the NSA, and his monitor, NSA Agent Heller.[11]


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