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"I am better with you, Watson. I'm sharper, I'm more focused. Difficult to say why, exactly. Perhaps in time, I'll solve that as well."
— Holmes
In the evening, Watson returns to the Brownstone to find the foyer light not working. A man in a ski mask appears, demanding to know where Holmes is or else he will kill her. Watson gropes in her purse for a can of mace, but the masked man has it. As he advances on her, she panics and runs but she falls over a trip wire. The "intruder" comments on her weak escape attempt and removes his mask, revealing Holmes. Furious, Watson punches him but Holmes reminds her she was held at gunpoint a week ago and she needs to improve her ability to defend herself. He's lined up some self-defense trainers and warns her that there'll be more surprise attacks. Detective Bell drives home while leaving a voicemail for Captain Gregson. A car pulls up behind him honking, so Marcus waves the car around him. When the car pulls alongside, the driver opens fire with a machine pistol. Marcus ducks, but distracted, he runs into a construction site and his car flips and crashes.

S01E16-Holmes in mask
Where is Holmes?
In the 11th Precinct garage, Gregson, Holmes and Watson examine the wreckage of the car, while a bruised Marcus looks on. Gregson and Holmes both recognize an MP5 was the weapon used and the shooter had poor aim. Holmes compliments Marcus for the numerous criminals he's put away over the years meaning narrowing down who shot at him will be difficult. However, Marcus knows who the culprit is. In Gregson's office, Marcus shows them the file on Curtis Bradshaw, a former drug kingpin. After working for months on the task force to arrest Bradshaw without success, a detective planted drugs in Bradshaw's home. A tip to internal affairs cleared Bradshaw but they managed to arrest him for possession of stolen property. While in jail, Marcus arrested most of his lieutenants and when Bradshaw was released, his organization was gone. Marcus recognized Bradshaw's prize car as the one used to shoot at him.

S01E16-At garage
I know exactly who did this.
Left off the investigation, Marcus runs into Officer Paula Reyes, who expresses relief that he is okay. After she leaves, Holmes asks Marcus how long he and Reyes were lovers which he evades. Gregson, Holmes and Watson confront Curtis Bradshaw at a pickup basketball game. Bradshaw denies being the shooter, claims his car was stolen and two cronies give alibis. Holmes bets Bradshaw that if he can sink a basket from hundreds of feet away from the hoop, Bradshaw will tell them the truth about where he was. Bradshaw agrees but Holmes throws the ball out of the park as he knows Bradshaw is wasting their time. Marcus checks in on his elder brother, Andre who's just been released from prison and brings him clothes and food. Andre heard about the shooting and insists that he should be looking out for Marcus. At the Brownstone, Holmes and Watson review Bradshaw's file which reveal how careful he was to ensure he couldn't be connected to his drug gang.

S01E16-Holmes w basketball
British globetrotter here.
Shooting at Marcus while driving an recognizable car seems to be the opposite of Bradshaw's behaviour but Holmes believe vengeance made him careless. When Watson gets up, Holmes hits her in the back with a tennis ball and challenges her to defend herself. Instead, she spills his carefully organized rack of locks on the floor and dares him to challenge her again. A woman unsuccessfully tries to get a motionless man to move off her stairs. She leaves to call the police but the man isn't loitering, it's Bradshaw and he's dead. Holmes examines the crime scene, while Officer Reyes and her partner look on, perplexed at Holmes' methods. Gregson says the media believes a cop killed Bradshaw as retaliation for the attack on Marcus. Holmes whispers he has found clues that Marcus was the killer. At Marcus' apartment, Holmes shows him a boot print from the scene that matches those worn by Marcus.

S01E16-Holmes beside corpse
No more talking.
Marcus reminds them that he was at home and his door was guarded by two officers. Holmes believes Marcus could have slipped out but knows killing in cold-blood isn't who Marcus is. Holmes excuses himself to use the bathroom while Gregson tells Marcus that he's putting him on administrative duty to prevent Internal Affairs (I.A.) from getting involved and to ensure he's clear when the killer is caught. Watson meets with her therapist Dr. Reed, who is shocked to hear she was held at gunpoint and insists on staying with Holmes, without pay, and maintaining the fiction that she's his sober companion. She's concerned for Watson's safety and believes if Holmes was too, he would be telling her to move on, not trying to train her. Watson returns to the Brownstone to find music blasting and Holmes firing a pistol at Bob. (♫ Losers - No Man Is an Island ♫) She threatens to call the police but he explains that he's conducting a ballistics test and couldn't give the pistol to the police.

S01E16-Holmes shoots Bob
You don't do a ballistics exam here.
Andre meets Marcus outside the restaurant he works at to let him know he reached out to his old gang and has a suspect who may be the source of the MP5. Marcus is furious that Andre has violated his parole terms while Andre is equally angry that Marcus won't accept his help. Marcus indicates they already checked out the suspect and tries to sympathize with Andre who says Marcus doesn't understand what he's going through, but he may one day. Receiving a text from Holmes, Marcus arrives at the Brownstone and sees the bullet holes in Bob and the pistol. Watson says that someone is trying to frame Marcus, first with the boots and then the pistol, which Holmes found hidden in Marcus' bathroom and just confirmed that it was the one used to kill Bradshaw. Holmes gives the pistol to the police but lies that he found it in a dumpster. Telling the truth would mean I.A. getting involved which Marcus understands, but is uncomfortable with.

S01E16-Holmes w gun
I've never seen that gun before in my life.
Holmes asks for the key to Marcus' apartment and confirms with him that no one else has a key. Marcus calls Andre to the precinct and tells him what has transpired and mentions that the pair of boots he gave Andre match the prints at the scene. Andre is furious that Marcus thinks he's the one framing him and believes he called him to the precinct because he thinks he's guilty. They argue about their bad relationship which Andre blames on Marcus becoming a cop. As Andre storms out, Marcus tries to stop him and Andre punches him. Marcus waves away the officers who move to intervene. Holmes and Watson examine Marcus' apartment for hours, but find no clues to the framer's identity. Holmes says that the fact that Watson is still refusing to learn self-defense skills is adding to his frustration but she insists she is just his sober companion.

S01E16-Bells argue
You did what came easy to you.
Holmes shocks her by revealing that he knows that she's been lying and that her sober companion contract wasn't extended. Embarrassed, Watson is speechless but Holmes assures her that he is grateful. He knew Watson was staying to see him through the difficult time after capturing Sebastian Moran but when he went out of way to show he was OK, she still stayed. He realized she was staying not for him, but for herself. Holmes makes her an offer to stay on permanently, as his assistant and apprentice. He has savings from which to pay her and offers her residence at the Brownstone. He believes she has the potential to be his partner, that his offer isn't charity but that her companionship makes him a better detective. Marcus knocks on Andre's door to apologize. There's no answer but hearing the TV, he enters to find Andre laying on the floor, shot. He calls for an ambulance and sees Andre has written in his blood "Was Not Marcus" on the floor.

S01E16-Holmes offers Watson
I am better with you, Watson.
Holmes stares at the message appreciating the selflessness shown by Andre who realized he was being shot to frame Marcus. Watson is skeptical given Andre's past but Holmes doesn't agree he was shot for past crimes. He then shows Watson another boot print outside Andre's window. Watson believes it's time to tell Gregson about the frame-up but Holmes wants to check with Marcus first. While waiting at the hospital, Marcus agrees that it's time to tell Gregson but he's impatient that Andre's surgery is taking so long. He describes Andre as stubborn and relates that he cashed in a favor to get Andre to say who his drug connection was for early parole. Andre refused even though the police already knew. Watson realizes that Marcus was the tipster who revealed the evidence plant on Bradshaw. Exasperated, Holmes believes that the framer was a member of the team working the Bradshaw case and found out Marcus told.

S01E16-Was not Marcus
No, but it's admirable, though, isn't it?
In the precinct conference room, Officer Reyes is called in. Gregson explains that they have been looking for a killer who is a cop, a former member of the Bradshaw detail, and had a key to Marcus' apartment. Only she fits and Gregson also notes that I.A. suspected her of helping steal the heroin planted on Bradshaw and that she's dating an I.A. member. Turned down for the Vice Squad several times because of the suspicion, she had to find out who tipped off I.A. about the Bradshaw plant. She found out it was Marcus from her I.A. lover. Reyes turns to leave but Holmes shows her eyelets from a pair of boots used at the crime scenes which, she burned in her garage. Gregson then tells her that the guns used at the various scenes all match those owned by a gun dealer Reyes arrested. The guns went missing but her home is being searched for them. Reyes sits down and bitterly remarks that Marcus isn't there to confront her.

S01E16-Paula Reyes green
Andre Bell was shot...
In the hospital, Marcus and Andre watch the news report on Reyes' arrest. Marcus guesses that even if she pleads guilty, Reyes will be imprisoned for life. Andre jokes that the worst thing any of his ex-girlfriends did to him was cut the spokes on his bike. They share a laugh and after an uncomfortable silence, Marcus starts to apologize but Andre insists it's not necessary. Marcus asks about the message which Andre explains that he figured the person that shot him was trying to frame Marcus. Marcus points out that he never saw the shooter and they'd fought the day before but Andre says he knows Marcus would never shoot him. At the Brownstone as Holmes arranges his locks, Watson tells him that she'll accept his offer. (♫ Dr. Dog - Exit for Sale (Losers Theme) ♫) She'll stay at the Brownstone and Holmes has to continue to go to support group meetings. Holmes congratulates her and then she throws a basketball in his face.

S01E16-Andre in hospital
Yyou got to look out for family. Even when they disappoint you.



  • Watson tells Holmes that she prefers to be paid on Thursdays. Elementary aired on Thursdays in Season One.
  • Holmes jokes that the NYPD "Caponed" Curtis Bradshaw, a reference to the fact that notorious gangster Al Capone was convicted and imprisoned for income tax evasion (a non-violent crime).
  • Several references are made to the events of "M." and "A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs".


You've done excellent work over the years. Made a lot of enemies. There's no shortage of people who would like to see you dead.

— Holmes to Bell

Stay on permanently. Not as my sober companion, but as my companion. Allow me to continue to teach you. Assist me in my investigations.

— Holmes to Watson