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This chair would be a more suitable collaborator.

— Holmes about Riley, "All in the Family"

Detective Nash is a police officer at the 11th Precinct. He is an unimaginative and by-the-book police officer.


Season 2[]

After Holmes and Watson catch a security guard, Mr. Riley, who was robbing artefacts from the Astor Museum, Riley is brought to the 11th precinct. Holmes finds a compartment in Riley's prosthetic leg, whereby Nash takes over the case and tells Holmes and Watson to leave. Noting that the case against Riley was delayed two weeks due to Nash not checking Riley's prior convictions, they complain to Captain Gregson about Nash's ineptitude. Gregson is unsympathetic and says since Detective Bell left for the Demographics unit, Holmes and Watson haven't been able to find a suitable detective to collaborate with and they'll have to keep trying. When Bell returns to the precinct, he buys back his desk from Nash. Nash calls Bell crazy and says he'll be buying new bikes for his kids with the money.[1]

S02E13-Holmes and Nash
Let's not fight in front of the perp.

Season 3[]

Detectives Nash and Bailey meet Alfredo Llamosa outside his home. Telling him that someone stole twelve expensive cars with Castle security systems and filled a parking lot lift with them, they ask where he was the evening before. Realizing that Holmes stole the cars and called him to the support group meeting so he would have an alibi, Alfredo provides them with the details of where he was.[2]

S03E21-Two detectives
They think I did this?


  • Holmes mentions that Detective Nash told him Detective Bell was called to a scene of a shooting that Bell finds involves Emil Kurtz.[3]


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