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A good a name as any. But your knowing it won't stop me and my colleagues from disappearing tomorrow.

— Gaspar, "The Diabolical Kind"

Devon Gaspar was one of Jamie Moriarty's lieutenants who she describes as ambitious. He was formerly British military intelligence.


Season 2[]

When a seven-year-old girl named Kayden Fuller is kidnapped and her father shot, Holmes and Watson hear the ransom demand. Holmes quickly recognizes the voice as that of the man who previously pretended to be Moriarty. Moriarty denies she's behind the kidnapping but in exchange for concessions, she offers to provide information on her lieutenant and his associates. In a well provisioned bedroom, Devon Gaspar plays cribbage with Kayden. Leaving to speak with one of his men, John Clay, he reassures Clay that they'll hear from Moriarty soon. Two police officers are called to deal with a drunk man who shoots the officers. The man is one of Gaspar's henchmen. He and Gaspar take an officer's phone and see sketches of them. A wounded officer shoots the henchman and Gaspar kills the officer.

S02E12-Gaspar sketch
Moriarty's sketch of Gaspar.
Gaspar calls the 11th Precinct and with Moriarty listening in, he indicates that they've been watching, know Moriarty is working with the police and they took the phones to see how much they'd been exposed. After allowing a frightened Kayden to speak, he hangs up. While playing cribbage with Kayden, Gaspar hears gunshots. Armed, Gaspar enters the hallway and finds Clay wounded and a henchman dead. Clay cries that Moriarty made him kill the henchman before she emerges, kills Clay and shoots Gaspar in the stomach. She explains how she found them and ominously indicates she has plans to hurt him further. Moriarty calls Holmes to her location where he finds Gaspar dead and learns that Moriarty has re-situated Kayden, who is her biological daughter.[1]

S02E12-Holmes Moriarty killed kidnappers
Gaspar dead.


  • Gaspar is Moriarty's lieutenant that pretended to be her on the phone and "hired" Holmes and Watson.[2][3]


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