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Everybody knows about Diogenes. Amazing food, interesting clientele.

Diogenes was a restaurant that was opened in Tribeca, Manhattan, New York City by Sherlock Holmes' brother, Mycroft. It is the second restaurant to bear the name as Mycroft had previously opened a Diogenes in London, England. Its first appearance is in the second season episode "The Marchioness."


Season 2[]

S02E07-Sherlock Nigella Mycroft

Nigella Mason appeals to the Holmes brothers.

Mycroft surprises Sherlock and Watson with a visit to NYC in which he indicates he's opening a restaurant, Diogenes, and that an old acquaintance of Sherlock's needs his help. Sherlock and Watson discover the acquaintance is Nigella Mason, Mycroft's former fiancé who Sherlock slept with in order to prove Nigella's intentions towards Mycroft were monetary. They meet her in Diogenes a few weeks before it opens. She tells them that a poisoning attempt was made on her champion stud horse, Silver Blaze, as well as the murder of the stable master (her new lover). Sherlock and Watson discover that Silver Blaze was replaced and that a drug cartel kingpin employed the fake for stud and discovered the fraud and, employed one of his assassins for revenge. Sherlock was able to settle the matter with the kingpin. Nigella meets the Holmes brothers at Diogenes and Mycroft sets terms for Nigella making amends with those she's wronged.[1]

008 Blood Is Thicker episode still of Mycroft Holmes

"He's decided to stay."

Having been stood up for dinner for several nights by Sherlock, he has dinner with Mycroft at Diogenes who gives him the keys to 221B Baker St. but Sherlock refuses them. Mycroft lies that their father is unhappy that Sherlock has remained in NYC and that he may withhold Sherlock's trust money (which he uses to pay Watson) and evict them from the Brownstone. He reminds Sherlock that he's making decisions for two now and to consider returning to London. Mycroft visits the Brownstone before he returns to London. Sherlock gives him a letter to deliver to their father with his decision to stay in NYC and, his thanks. At Diogenes, Mycroft rips Sherlock's letter up and calls an unknown person. He says his gambit to have Sherlock move back to London has failed and since there's little chance Sherlock will talk to Morland, his lie won't be discovered. He indicates they'll have to come at "the problem" in a different way.[2]

S02E21-Mycroft asks Joan out

"I'm so flattered."

Mycroft invites Joan alone to auditions for a dessert chef. At Diogenes, Mycroft tells Joan he's like to pursue a relationship with her. She is interested but concerned how Sherlock will complicate things. The next day, Sherlock shows up at Diogenes and tells Mycroft to stop pursuing Watson. Mycroft accuses Sherlock of hoarding Watson to himself and not being concerned for her happiness. Sherlock recognizes a patron as a high-ranking member of a French criminal organization, "Le Milieu" and believes Mycroft is involved with them. Watson meets Mycroft for lunch and says that she can date Mycroft but first must get her own place. She notices the Milieu patron and takes a photo of him. That evening, Watson goes to Diogenes to warn Mycroft about the Milieu member but Mycroft isn't there. She follows the Milieu member outside and is kidnapped by him.[3]




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